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Pre-School Engineering at UVM

Release Date: 11-02-2010

Author: Dawn Densmore

Some very small students, ages 3-5 from the YMCA, dressed for Halloween joined the ranks of UVM students on Friday, October 29. They were participating in Laura Millar’s YMCA pre-school class program, "What does your Mommy or Daddy Do?"

Their visit involved activities included the firing of model rocket engines, controlling an articulated remote-control six-wheeled vehicle, learning about airflow over a wing in a wind tunnel, and observing the flow of water in a simulated river flume.

Günther Hitt, age 31/2, was sharing the work of his Dad, Darren Hitt, a professor in the UVM School of Engineering, with his classmates.

Thanks go to Joan Jordan and Marnie Owen from Student Services, Dr. Michael Coleman (ME), and graduate students Nick Vachon (ME), Meaghan Veselis (ME) and Josh Tyler (CEE) for orchestrating the visit and for making the demonstrations possible.