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UVM Mini Baja Team Competes in the Baja SAE Rochester Wet World Challenge

Release Date: 06-16-2010

Author: Robert Dzieciol

The UVM Mini Baja team competed in the Baja SAE Rochester Wet World Challenge held June 10-13, 2010 at the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY and the Hogback Hill Motocross track in Palmyra, NY. The event included teams from the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Venezuela, and South Korea. Of the 93 teams participating, the UVM team finished 38th overall.

The Rochester Wet World Challenge is different from other Baja races in that the vehicles are required to be capable of traveling across water in addition to the usual off-road obstacles such as rocks, jumps, logs, and mud. To accomplish this, the team constructed a foam flotation assembly that was attached to the bottom of the car. With the foam in place, the car was able to travel across a ten foot deep pond like a boat while still functioning as a capable off-road vehicle after it drove out of the water and back onto land.

The competition included events that tested all aspects of the vehicle's performance. The teams were ranked according to their performance in acceleration, land maneuverability, water maneuverability, suspension, and a hill climb. The team's best finishes in these events were 19th in suspension and 30th in land maneuverability. The event concluded with a four hour endurance race on a two mile track that included a motocross course, a narrow trail through the woods, and the pond crossing. After racing for four hours, the team had completed 19 laps, which was enough for a 31st place finish.

The UVM Mini Baja team's success would not be possible without the help of their sponsors and supporters. The team would like to thank Briggs & Stratton, Control Resources, DR Power, Goodrich Corp., Honeywell, Pizzagalli Construction, Solidworks, Polaris, Timken, Hazelett Strip Casting, Preci Manufacturing, Queen City Steel, LaCour Inc. and Tri-Angle Metal Fab as well as the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences,the Student Government Association, and Floyd Vilmont in the CEMS machine shop for their continued support.