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CEMS Senior Mike Ursiny Volunteers on a Medical Mission

Release Date: 04-06-2010

Author: Dawn Marie Densmore
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Mike UrsinyMike Ursiny, a Senior Mechanical Engineering and Pre-Med student from Essex Junction, VT is heading to Cameroon on a medical mission on May 25th.  He will be working with a Cameroonian surgeon for a month, making four separate missions into the jungle aiming to give much needed medical care to rural villagers.

Mike opted for a completely grassroots effort that he learned about through one of his friends that is partnered with a general surgeon, Dr. Georges Bwelle  at Central Hospital of Yaounde, Cameroon.  Every Friday during the dry season, Dr. Bwelle loads up a hired or borrowed van with a team of volunteers and a ton of donated or bought medical supplies, and hits the road.  They head for some of the poorest villages in the country where people live with little to no medical care. They set up a makeshift "clinic" and provide locals with consultations, treatments, even surgeries under primitive conditions – all at no charge.

Dr. Georges Bwelle

"His method is simple: provide free medical care to marginalized, destitute populations in the rainforests of Africa," said Issa Nyaphaga, Founder of HITIP, an international aid organization that also does work in Cameroon.
Mike is looking to raise $5000 over the next month and a half for his volunteer mission.  All donations will go directly towards purchasing medical supplies, medications for the people in need, and medical equipment needed to fund a few of Dr. Georges' trips. Dr. Georges receives no funding or help from his government. Unlike big charities he has no administration or support network. He earns the money by working as a surgeon, scrounges for leftover supplies and medications, and occasionally receives some mall donations from friends.

"He's really an amazing guy and it's just so refreshing to see someone who cares so much and who is really giving almost everything away," said Grace Mentzer, a past volunteer from Wheaton, Illinois.  She continued, "In a country where corruption is so rampant, it's so inspiring to see Georges and his team giving so much."

For more information on how to help sponsor Mike's volunteer medical mission, you can go to his website  and check out his Facebook and Twitter pages listed below.

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