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UVM AERO at Thunder Road

Release Date: 08-12-2008

Author: Dawn Densmore

GreenSpeed - UVM AERO hybrid
carRace enthusiasts will get to cheer on UVM students on Thursday, August 14, before the race (between 5:30 and 6:30 pm) at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont as the UVM AERO hybrid car speeds around the track. "GreenSpeed" is the first hybrid racing car created by a team of energetic students in the Alternative Energy Racing Organization (AERO) at UVM's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS).

What's unusual about this car is it runs on both gas and lithium batteries. Weighing approximately 600 pounds, the car has a 40-horsepower electric motor and a 40-horsepower gas engine for optimum speed. The UVM team designed GreenSpeed as a parallel hybrid with front regenerative braking. "These two things have not been done before," says Doug Fraser, professional engineer from Dartmouth.

"This new hybrid car burns gas more efficiently through regenerative braking with a smarter engine that gets more gas joules onto the road," says Andrew Laing, AERO team leader. The car, sporting Hosier racing wheels and Weld racing hubs, is really two cars in one.

In May 2008 ("Hybrid racing car wins four awards"), AERO received second place in Technical Design at the International Formula Hybrid Competition, participating with other teams from as far away as Russia and Taiwan at the New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon. The car also received Best Hybrid-in-Progress Award, Chrysler's Best Hybrid System Engineering Award, and the Thayer School Dean's Award for Most Innovative Design.