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CEMS student Iliana M. Vazquez-Spickers receives UVM's 2008 Mariafranca Morselli Leadership Award

Release Date: 03-27-2008

Author: Dawn Densmore

Iliana M. Vazquez-Spickers, a senior in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS), received the 2008 Mariafranca Morselli Leadership Award and $150 during the UVM Women's Awards Banquet held March 24, 2008. "It is an honor to be recognized in this way," Iliana said.

Iliana was nominated by Sue Roberts, UVM Police Crime Prevention Officer, for her significant achievements in academics, leadership and service to the community. The UVM Women's Center Committee was impressed by Ms. Vazquez-Spickers strong leadership in women's issues and with her high scholarship in the sciences.

The Mariafranca Morselli Leadership Award recognizes an undergraduate senior woman for demonstrated leadership qualities and academic excellence in science, as well as for significant contributions to the awareness of the rights of women on campus. Professors Lori Stevens and Cathy Paris serve on the Selection Committee.

The award was created by Mariafranca Morselli, Emerita Professor of Botany, who was an international scientific leader within her field of maple research. Her unending devotion and commitment to science and the Women's Movement made her an advocate for university women and the leadership they exemplify within the local and international community.

Iliana's talents and abilities have also been recognized by others at UVM. In 2007, she received the UVM Outstanding Student Activist Award and a Barrett Scholarship for her research project entitled, "Role of Fuel Additives on Light Duty Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions."

Upon graduation, Iliana will begin work in the environmental department for US Steel to ensure onsite compliance with EPA regulations for air monitors, solid waste and wastewater treatment.