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Nancy Hayden receives 2007 Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award

Release Date: 05-02-2007

Author: Dawn Marie Densmore
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Nancy HaydenDr. Nancy Hayden, associate professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering at the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS), has received the 2007 Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award from Chris Koliba, Director of Community-University Partnerships and Service-Learning (CUPS). The award was presented during a reception held on April 26, 2007. Hayden was selected from four distinguished faculty nominees.

Hayden was nominated by her colleagues for her service-learning work in three different engineering courses in academic year 06-07, for conducting over 40 service-learning projects as a part of coursework during her year at UVM, and for her work to institutionalize service-learning within the civil and environmental engineering curricula. Since starting her career at UVM, Professor Hayden has been involved in a variety of innovative educational activities. One of the cornerstones of these activities has been developing service-oriented projects with local businesses, institutions, and communities.

Hayden has worked with community partners on a variety of service-learning projects, including the Preservation Trust of Vermont (the historic Lake House in Grand Isle), the Town of Greensboro (hydroelectric power project and rehabilitation of a historic bridge project), Vermont Agricultural Museum (building design), the Towns of Monkton and Essex (traffic and water problems), as well as a project in Honduras related to water treatment coordinated by Dan Baker in Community Development and Applied Economics.

Some of the projects in Essex and Monkton involved first-year engineering students working to collect data on traffic, driving speeds, signage, and accidents. The students visited intersections and employed the databases of Vermont Agency of Transportation, then developed computer models to analyze existing traffic patterns and suggest solutions (e.g., different speed limits, extra traffic lanes, signal timing, stop signs). Other projects in these towns involved stormwater and wastewater issues.

"Hayden has pioneered an exciting way for UVM students to benefit Vermont towns with research," says Mandar Dewoolkar, assistant professor in the CEMS School of Engineering.

"Hayden is going above and beyond her role as an instructor in orchestrating these projects and making sure they offer enriching academic and engineering experiences for the students," adds Donna Rizzo, professor in the CEMS School of Engineering.

"Nancy is praised for her efforts in making, fostering, and maintaining community contacts," said Koliba, director of CUPS, in presenting the award. "And for going above and beyond her role as instructor in orchestrating these projects, making sure that they offer enriching academic and engineering experiences for the students, further infuse interpersonal skills in graduating seniors, while working within the requirements for the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology."

"It was an honor for me to be nominated by my colleagues," says Hayden. "The Civil and Environmental Engineering programs at UVM have been providing community service and hands-on learning for over 140 years. It's great to be able to continue and enhance that tradition."

The Civil and Environmental Engineering programs are using part of a National Science Foundation Departmental Level Reform grant to incorporate service-learning projects into each year of the programs. "We want our student to gain real-world engineering experience while providing a service to the communities of Vermont who need it," Hayden says. "That's what civil and environmental engineering is all about."

Service-learning projects and community partners

Below is a partial list of service-learning projects and community partners of Professor Nancy Hayden. The projects partnering with businesses are all pollution prevention projects, providing a tangible benefit to the local community.

  • Hazardous Waste Reduction, Hazelett Strip-Casting Corp.
  • Waste Minimization, Edlund Company
  • Waste Reduction Assessment, Shelburne Corp.
  • Waste Minimization Plan, Blodgett Oven Corp.
  • Source Reduction for Painting Operations, Simmonds Precision
  • Toxics Use Reduction Project, Martin Marietta Corp.
  • Solid Waste Reduction, Simmonds Precision, Vergennes, VT
  • Solvent Waste Reduction in a Flux Cleaning Tool, IBM Corp.
  • Waste Assessment and Minimization Opportunities, Medical Center Hospital of Vermont
  • Hazardous Waste Minimization, York Capacitor Corp.
  • Water Management Options and Recommendations, IBM Corp.
  • Improving Hazardous Waste Tracking System, University of Vermont
  • Hazardous Waste Minimization Opportunities, Heritage Toyota
  • Reducing Waste, Cameo Crafts, Milton, VT
  • Waste Minimization, Dynapower
  • Mercury Reduction, Fletcher Allen
  • Investigation into the Relationship Between Clarifier Operational Parameters and Pin-Floc Occurrence, WWTP, IBM Corp.
  • Determination of Stainless Steel Corrosion Rates in an Ammonia Fluoride Waste, IBM Corp.
  • Biological Treatment of Ethylene Glycol, Wastewater Treatment Plant, IBM Corp.
  • Assessment of a Bilge Pump
  • Biological Treatability of Solvent Waste Containing Isopropyl Alcohol, IBM Corp.
  • Treatability Study of n-Butyl Acetate Waste in a Bench-Scale SBR, IBM Corp.
  • Wastewater Treatment, Vermont Volunteers for Homeless Veterans Project
  • Constructed Wetland for Greywater Treatment, Spannocchia Farm
  • Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment at a Bakery, Akumal, Mexico
  • Recycling Center for Solid Waste, Akumal, Mexico
  • Assessment of an Existing Constructed Wetland, Akumal, Mexico
  • Protection of Source Drinking Water, Taluabe, Honduras (2004)
  • Assessment of Wastewater Ponds, Taluabe, Honduras (2004)
  • Water Management, Edlund Company (2005)
  • Hazardous Waste Reduction, Offset Printing (2005)
  • New Building Design, Recycle North, Burlington, VT (2006)
  • Burlington International Airport Demolition and New Hangar Design (2006)
  • Transportation Project, Monkton, VT (2006)
  • Transportation Project, Essex, VT (2006)
  • Onsite Wastewater Treatment around Monkton Pond, Monkton, VT (2007)
  • Onsite Wastewater Treatment, Long Point Corporation, Ferrisburgh, VT (2007)
  • Stormwater Project, Essex, VT (2007)
  • Stormwater Management, Chelsey, VT (2007)
  • Lake House Project, Grand Isle, VT (2007)
  • Hydro Project, Greensboro, VT (2007)
  • Vermont Agricultural Museum, Randolph, VT (2007)
  • Water Treatment, Honduras (2007)