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CEMS faculty, staff and students receive awards

Release Date: 03-26-2007

Author: Dawn Marie Densmore
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Each year, The University of Vermont's Women's Center, Women's & Gender Studies and the President's Commission on the Status of Women partner to honor women and men in our UVM community for their outstanding contributions to the lives of women.

Nominations are submitted in February and awards are given at the Awards Ceremony in the end of March. Nine of the fifty-three recipients of these awards will go to faculty, staff and students within the University's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS).

"This is an honor for CEMS and a reflection of the high quality of professionalism within our College," said CEMS Dean Domenico Grasso

Those receiving awards are:

Rizzo Donna Rizzo, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering
Rizzo is one of twelve faculty members to receive the Outstanding Faculty Woman Award. This award honors faculty women who have made significant contributions to the lives of women on campus through service, teaching and feminist scholarship.

Josephine Herrera Josephine Herrera, Director of Diversity and Special Programs
Herrera is one of seven staff to receive the Outstanding Staff Woman Award. The award acknowledges significant contributions to the lives of women on campus through service, advocacy, and feminists programming.

Alaina Dickason Alaina Dickason, Student, School of Engineering
Dickason is one of four to receive the Outstanding Athlete Award. This award honors female athletes who have made significant achievements in their sport as well as in academics and service to the campus community.

Jacqueline Bell Gail
Jacqueline Bell, Student, School of Engineering
Gail Currier, Student and Faculty Support, School of Engineering

Currier and Bell are two of seven to receive the Outstanding Social Justice Activist Award. This award recognizes that various forms of oppression (sexism, ableism, racism, classism, heterosexism, religious discrimination) are connected and support one another. This award honors women (students, staff or faculty) who have worked not only in anti-sexist endeavors but also to draw connections between various communities and to end multiple forms of oppression.

Gabriela Garay-Romero Iliana Vasquez-Spickers
Gabriela Garay-Romero, Graduate Student, Computer Science
Iliana Vasquez-Spickers, Student, School of Engineering

Garay-Romero and Vasquez-Spickers are two of eleven students to receive the Student Activist Award. This award honors students who have contributed significantly to the feminist activism on the campus and/or in the community.

Thomas McLeod Victor
Rossi Jim
Thomas McLeod, Student, Mathematics & Computer Science
Victor Rossi, Senior IT Professional & Lecturer
Jim White, Senior IT Professional, Computer Facility

McLeod, Rossi and White are three of nine to receive the Outstanding Ally Award. This award honors men (students, staff or faculty) who have made significant contributions to feminist and anti-sexist activism on the campus.

"We are very impressed with the significant achievements of these individuals in advocacy, leadership and service to the community," says LuAnn Rolley, Director for the Women's Center. "We applaud each of their ongoing efforts to improve women's lives through these endeavors and celebrate their commitment to these issues."