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National conference and summer school moves from Brown University to UVM

Release Date: 02-22-2007

Author: Dawn Marie Densmore
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The University of Vermont's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) will host two summer advanced educational opportunities: Wolfram's A New Kind of Science (NKS) Summer School, June 25-July 13, and Wolfram's NKS Conference, July 13-15.

Stephen WolframBoth educational initiatives, previously held at Brown University, will provide opportunities to experience original research at the frontiers of science with Dr. Stephen Wolfram, author of Mathematica. Mathematica is used by nearly two million researchers because the technology can seamlessly integrate numeric and symbolic computational engines, graphics systems, program languages, document systems, and advanced connectivity to other applications.

"NKS has opened the doors to dramatic new directions in research, and the UVM Complex Systems Center highlights the importance of these emerging advances," said Dr. Wolfram. "We're excited to see such rapid growth in the field and look forward to working with UVM to create new research possibilities in the future.

"UVM is gaining increased international attention for its efforts in Complex Systems. The move of the Wolfram New Kind of Science Summer School and Conference from Brown to UVM will enhance these efforts and create even more opportunities on the UVM campus," says Dr. Joseph K. DeRosa, Director of Systems Engineering, The MITRE Corporation.

"It’s an honor to host both the Wolfram NKS Summer School and the Wolfram NKS Conference," says Domenico Grasso, CEMS Dean. "Our new UVM Complex Systems Center focuses on the need for technological solutions that can address the complexities of our world."

Wolfram's NKS Summer School
June 25 - July 13, 2007

This three-week school consists of lectures and individual research projects relating to core NKS issues. Students will work with project mentors to create computer experiments programmed in Mathematica, and individual presentations will be made at the conclusion of the school.

Participants will include graduate students, undergraduates and postdoctoral staff scientists, as well as professors, teachers, professionals, engineers, artists, educators, and even a few exceptional high school students. Approximately 40 students with diverse ranges of scientific backgrounds will learn how to apply NKS to their individual fields of interest.

The NKS Summer School is looking for students who want to move their career in the NKS direction. Participants are expected to have read Wolfram's A New Kind of Science book in some level of detail. Additionally, because all projects will be done using Mathematica, learning its basics before the start of the program is highly recommended.

UVM credits

The NKS Summer School is cross-listed as a three-credit UVM course for either Complex Systems (CSYS) or Mathematics (MATH), with enrollment through the UVM Office of Continuing Education. Only students already accepted for admission to the NKS summer school will be permitted to enroll in this course.

"We are very pleased to be able to include the NKS Summer School as part of our outstanding educational experiences here at the University of Vermont during the 2007 Summer Session," said Carol Vallett, Director of Continuing Education. "The UVM campus is an ideal location in the summer for engaging in intellectually stimulating learning experiences, and for studying with outstanding scholars. We invite interested students to apply early."

To apply for admission to the NKS Summer School, click here.

Student feedback

It is a truly interdisciplinary and intercultural experience that I will never forget. The NKS Summer School enabled me to learn many aspects of NKS and Mathematica, and to be able to produce meaningful results in a very short time.
—Weili Luo, Professor of Physics, University of Central Florida

With the little I have seen — the world of learning should be getting ready for NKS take-over!
—Francisca Aladejana, Director, Institute of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

It's a great environment for students of everywhere with a lot of conversations about nature, computations, complexity and new ideas arising in these current times.
—Emmanuel Garcés Medina, Master's candidate, National Autonomous University, Mexico

The best part was interacting with a fantastic group of people, all highly motivated, creative, and thinking outside the box. There was not a single boring conversation!
—Mohammed AlQuraishi, graduate student, Genetics, Stanford University.

Wolfram's NKS Conference
July 13-15, 2007

Attendees at the NKS 2007 Wolfram Science Conference will include academic, industrial and government researchers, technology strategists, technology developers and engineers, artists and designers and educators, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

This conference will offer a series of lectures covering key aspects of the basic science and applications of Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science, as well as provide a basic introduction to Mathematica as a tool for NKS research. Lecture topics will include: the structure and promise of NKS; discovering the world of simple programs; modeling with NKS; implications for biology; towards a fundamental theory of physics, randomness, perception and analysis; the Principle of Computational Equivalence; rewriting the foundations of mathematics; exploring the computational universe; conceptual implications; and directions for new technology.

Hands-on explorations of the computational universe, extended question/answer periods with Dr. Wolfram, live NKS computer experiments, tutorials, poster sessions, art displays and a five-year anniversary reunion for NKS summer school alumni will provide ample opportunities for engaged discussions.

To register for this conference, click here.

Wolfram research

Dr. Wolfram founded The Wolfram Group, which consists of four companies: Wolfram Research, Inc. and Wolfram Media, Inc. in the United States, Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. in the United Kingdom, and Wolfram Research Asia Ltd. in Japan.

Wolfram Research, Inc., is a leading technical software company that is "pushing the envelope of technical computing." The UK office coordinates the sales, marketing and support of all European distributors and customers; the office in Japan is a direct sales and marketing liaison to distributors and resellers. Privately held, Wolfram Research has been continuously profitable, and funds long-term research and development projects to port Mathematica, its flagship product, to a wide selection of operating systems.


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