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Our students and faculty are immersed in an atmosphere of discovery that stretches across disciplines. Learn More >>

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The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) is composed of a constellation of brilliant and vibrant departments and programs. Our interdisciplinary approach prepares graduates for leadership roles while cultivating a diverse community of scholars.

It’s our mission to provide the State of Vermont an intellectual resource for technologically driven economic growth and to promote engineering, computer science and mathematics as professions in service to humanity.

CEMS is home to one school — The School of Engineering — and two departments — The Department of Computer Science and The Department of Mathematics and Statistics. CEMS faculty and students are actively engaged in on-campus transdisciplinary programs including Vermont Complex Systems Center, Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) and the Integrative Graduate Education and Training (IGERT) program. Our statewide community outreach programs reach K-12 teachers and students and include The Governor’s Institute of Vermont and FIRST Robotics. Learn More >>

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Prediction: The Next Big Thing

For thousands of years, people have yearned to know the future. They’ve peered into the entrails of animals, gone to the mountaintop oracle, planted with the Farmers Almanac, or bet with Nate Silver on basketball’s March madness. And for just as long people have been disappointed when the predictions failed.

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