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Internship of the Month: Draftfcb

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Sam Patterson

Intern: Sam Patterson
Class Year: 2013
Major: Public Communication
Employer: Draftfcb
Internship Title: Account Management Intern

Describe the company and your internship responsibilities:

Draftfcb is a global advertising agency. They offer positions in every aspect of advertising/marketing from account management to creative direction. I interned on the account management side. My primary responsibilities included tracking all advertising materials of competitors for the Valspar paint company, managing day-to-day integrated campaign materials including banners, print, website, and social media, as well as managing content uploaded to their YouTube page.

What did you like best about this internship? What was most challenging?

The most enjoyable part of the internship was being able to work on projects that made a real impact on day-to-day operations. For example, I was put in charge of creating an integration between Facebook and Pinterest so the two platforms could operate more consistently and efficiently.

The most challenging aspect of the internship was being able to work on projects with little direction or oversight. My superiors were often busy working on projects of their own and I would have to use my own discretion to complete the assignments.

What impact did this internship have on your career direction?

This internship ultimately led to a job as I will be returning to Draftfcb in Chicago full-time next fall. The 10 weeks I spent at DFCB this summer showed me so much about how the industry works and helped me realize that this type of career is something I want to continue with. The people I worked with, both full-time employees as well as other interns, were all extremely pleasant and helpful and I am excited to return to that type of workplace environment. Internships provide an extremely valuable experience of working in the real world and getting a taste of what professional life will be like after school.

What advice do you have for students as they apply for opportunities such as this one?

The best piece of advice I can offer to students is that you make an effort to reach out to everyone and anyone that may be able to help you. In my experience, this meant going to LinkedIn and reaching out to get in touch with people working in the field. I was able to meet and connect with someone who graduated from UVM and worked at Draftfcb. They were extremely helpful as I applied to Draftfcb.

Make the Most Out of Your Internship Experience

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Illustration of Two People Shaking Hands

So you’ve landed an internship—great! But what can you do to make this a valuable, learning experience? Here are a couple of tips to consider:

1) Ask questions.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when you are confused about a task you were given or if you are merely curious about the culture of the organization. Asking questions will enhance your experience at an internship and will allow you to learn more about the company. Not only that, but maintaining a curious mind will also allow your supervisor to realize your interest and potential within the business beyond your internship program.

2) Connect with your coworkers and boss.
Have conversations with the people you work with—it’s a great way to learn more about the company you are interning at and also a great opportunity for you to network and make connections! Ask them about their college experience, career path, hobbies, job search process, tips and advice they may have for you—anything you deem being worthwhile and beneficial to your own, personal growth and career path. Along with that, share your own passions, experiences, and dreams with them. Let them get a glimpse of who you are as an individual and form those relationships.

3) Get excited and have fun!
Get excited, be motivated, and stay hungry for more knowledge and assignments! Also make sure to have fun while you’re at it!

With all these in mind, remember to make the most out of your internship experience!

~Michelle, Career Peer Advisor

6 Strategies to Find Your Summer Internship

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Students Finding Information at Internship Hop

1. Conduct research using online internship databases

These contain hundreds of internship possibilities and enable you to search by area of interest and geographic preference. You can also set up search engines for email alerts on internships of interest. Catamount Job Link is a great resource.  Here are some other databases to help you get started.

2.Target companies and organizations

Have your heart set on a particular organization? Check out their website under ”Careers” and see if there are internships posted. If not, contact Human Resources to inquire about internships and the application process. If there’s no internship program, get to work identifying possible contacts in the organization with whom you might network.

3. Network, network, network!

Who is already in your network that might have good contacts for you? Family, friends, parents of friends and faculty can serve as great starting points. Another great resource is the UVM Career Connection, our own network of alumni, family and friends. Remember, networking is about relationship building, so establish the connection first and then move into conversations about internships.

4. Attend Career and Internship Events

The Internship Hop on October 31, 2012, is a great way to get started on the internship search. Browse our resources, connect with career counselors for a personalized internship search, check out listings, and see where other UVM students have done internships.   Job Fairs are another great way to find an internship. Talk with employers, establish a relationship and follow up!

5. Stop by Career Services for a Drop-In

Drop In’s are a great way to learn about options and resources. Talk with a career counselor for help identifying areas of interest and strategies for your search.

6. Create your own internship

Every employer has projects they just can’t get to.  Be the solution to their problem.  Ask the employer what projects they need help with and then set to work turning this into an internship.

As with any job search, a multi-pronged approach, along with persistence and follow up are key! Start now and keep working all of these strategies and you will be among those who gain that all-important career experience through an internship!

~Mary Beth

After the Job Fair

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Employer and Candidate Chatting at Job Fair

You came to the Job Fair, talked to employers, dropped off resumes and collected some business cards. Now what?

  • Follow up! Let employers know that you appreciated meeting them and express interest in their organization’s opportunities.
  • Learn more! Explore the company’s website, follow the company on Linked-In and evaluate fit with your interests.
  • Prepare for an Interview!

Still looking?

Catamount Job Link

Part Time Jobs & Internships

Information for Specific Career Fields

Internship Hop: Thursday, October 31st 1:30-4pm, L/L E-Building (Career Services)

The I-Hop is a Resource Fair to help you identify opportunities!

We’re here to support you:
Drop-ins: L/L E140, Monday – Thursday: 1-4pm
Davis Center Drop-ins: Rosa Parks Room, Tuesdays: 11am-1pm


Summer Internships—Is It Too Late?

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Opportunity Next Exit

It’s almost April—and perhaps long about now you are wishing you followed through with that summer internship search you had planned to do in October. Is there any hope of landing a good internship at this late date?

The answer is yesif you are willing to expand your ideas of internship options and put some real effort and follow-up into the process now. While many of the deadlines for highly competitive national internships may have passed, there are still possibilities for excellent internships with smaller companies and non-profits that will allow for a high degree of responsibility and learning. Here in Vermont, the options for internships listed through Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and the Vermont Technology Council include internships in marketing, web design, and communications with cutting edge Vermont companies like , MicroStrain, Vermont Energy Efficiency Corporation (VEIC). Check out listings for a wide variety of organizations on Catamount Job Link as well.   Check out ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, Fletcher Allen Health Care and more! Many local firms offer even more opportunities for learning and growth than some large, national firms with larger intern staffs.

Not a match for your interests? No problem– you can create-your-own-adventure!  Use your imagination or our Career Services resources to identify organizations and possible internship activities of interest, and then get to work. Check out the websites, make calls to determine an appropriate contact within the organization, and call or email to see if there is a project you could complete for them. Be prepared to make a case for what you could contribute to the organization (and a copy of your resume!).  Not a fan of cold calls? No one is—but do push yourself. Persistence and follow up is key to internship and job search.

Remember how people really get jobs?  You know… networking? Networking works for internships too, so start talking to your professors, friends, family, neighbors, and our UVM alumni career connections. Use our UVM LinkedIn Career Connection. Let these contacts know the skills you bring and those you are hoping to develop. They can all connect you with folks who might just need an intern with your major and some good skills.

One final question—what about credit? Several options exist for students of all majors to earn internship credit in the summer. Check out EDSS 239 or CDAE 196—or check with your department.

Intrigued? Stop by Career Services Drop-In Hours to learn about which options might be best for you.  Why wash pots when you could be doing financial planning, event planning for a non-profit or investigating misdemeanors? There’s no end to the supply of create-your-own internships, so start imagining –and acting– today!

~Mary Beth

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