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Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship Information

The Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship is awarded to students who intend to participate in a career-related opportunity, and need financial assistance in order to accept an unpaid internship. Preference is given to internships that promote the common good and are mission-based/non-profit organizations. Preference is also given to undergraduate students. Applicants must be in good standing, and current students at the University of Vermont. Four awards of up to $2375 each will be awarded at the beginning of the summer. The application deadline is March 17th, 2015 Applicants will be notified about the scholarship by April 18th.

Any degree-seeking University of Vermont student is eligible to apply. Eligible students must plan to continue their course of studies for the fall 2015 semester, which means that students planning to graduate in May 2015 are not eligible for this award. It is important to note that the purpose of this scholarship is to assist students with attaining experience relating to career and professional development. Because of this, scholarship decisions are not made on the basis of previous experience or GPA. Rather, awards are based on:

  • The benefits a student will gain from the internship
  • How the internship aligns with a student’s career/professional goals
  • Financial need

Do not rule yourself out!

Internship eligibility and verification

Eligible internships are those that provide a substantive learning experience. A student should have the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom, and to attain new knowledge or skills that are transferrable to other employment settings. There should be clearly defined learning objectives/goals, and consistent supervision and feedback from an experienced supervisor. The Career Center can help you determine if an internship fits these criteria – feel free to stop in at drop in hours at the Career + Experience Hub with questions.

You do not need to have confirmed internship to apply, but distribution of the scholarship will be contingent upon receiving a letter from your employer detailing the following information:

  • The organization name and address
  • Confirmation of your internship offer
  • A brief outline of your responsibilities

Internship verification must be received by April 7th.


The application deadline is March 17th, 2015. All materials must be received by this date.

Verification of an internship offer from an employer must be received by April 7th.

Financial Aid and Tax Information

The monies received from the Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship are not compensation for hours worked. The scholarship is intended to cover food, transportation, housing, and cost of living expenses. There may be financial aid and/or tax implications for this award. If you have questions about the impact of this scholarship, please consult with the financial aid office or your tax professional.

Alternative Plans

It is important to make alternative plans. The Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship is a competitive award, and not everyone can receive award money. Please feel free to make an appointment at the Career Center if you need assistance making alternative summer plans.

Academic Credit

If you are interested in obtaining academic credit for your internship, please see Amanda Chase, Internship Coordinator in the Career Center. Earning credits for an internship is dependent upon registering (and paying) for those credits. Credit cannot be awarded for work already completed, so be sure to work out credit arrangements in advance of beginning your internship. Credit-bearing internships have an academic component, so you will need to budget time for the reading and writing assignments.

Committee Award Decisions

A committee of four staff members will make the final decision on who will receive scholarship funds.

Scholarship Recipient Obligations

The following items will be required from scholarship recipients:

  • A thank you note to the benefactor
  • A two page, double-spaced summary answering the following questions:
    • How did this internship help you grow personally and professionally?
    • How did this internship opportunity affect your career goals? Did it help you explore options, gain skills, or refine a plan as it relates to your career?
  • Participation in an hour-long panel on internships in the fall 2015 semester (date TBA)

Application Requirements

  • Complete Application:
    • Student Information
    • Internship Information
    • Answers to short-answer questions
    • Estimated Budget Sheet
  • Current resume
  • Transcript
    • With your permission, your transcript will be pulled for review. No action is needed on your part.
  • 15 minute interview with Amanda Chase, Internship Coordinator
    • This interview will be used to discuss your goals and plans for your summer internship
    • This informational interview is meant to provide you with information and to help consolidate ideas and goals. It is non-evaluative.
    • After you submit your application materials, you will be contacted to set up your interview.

Application Instructions

  • Please read all pertinent information before applying
  • Log in to Catamount Job Link from the following link.
  • Click the “Documents” tab, and click the “Add New” button.
  • Upload your resume using this screen. Select the appropriate Document Type for the upload. Please note that once a document is uploaded, it needs to be approved by a counselor in the Career Center. This review process can take up to two business days.
  • Download the application
  • Open the application with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Enter information into each field by clicking it with the hand tool. It is suggested that you write essays in a separate word processing program and then copy them into the application.
  • Once you have filled in the appropriate form fields, select File, Save As. Ensure that the file is saved as a PDF file.
  • Upload the completed application file to Catamount Job Link using the process detailed above. Select “Other Documents” for the Document Type.
  • Once all documents are uploaded, click the “Job postings” tab, and select “Catamount jobs”. Search for Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship 2015. The ID number is 17959.
  • Click the “Apply” button and follow instructions.
  • For technical assistance or questions, please contact Amanda Chase or 802-656-3450.

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