University of Vermont

Service-Learning Internship Contract

Print out this form, gather the necessary signatures and return it to the Career Center WITH your completed Application & Instructor Permission Form before the end of Add/Drop.


I agree to fulfill the objectives of my Internship Work Plan, to meet with my supervisor weekly, to keep a personal journal to record/reflect upon my experiences while gathering material for my academic component, and to discuss the content of my Mid-Term and Final evaluations with my Supervisor and assure that copies are sent to Career Center at the appropriate time. Additionally, I agree to undertake self-directed study in association with my internship using the Field Studies Curriculum, I will hand in my mid-term essays and my final essays, I will attend the required Orientation and all follow-up classes.

Student Signature __________________________________ Date _______________

Employer Sponsors:

The Employer Sponsor agrees to assist the student in fulfilling the objectives of their work plan, which reflects significant paraprofessional tasks and a significant learning opportunity for the student that makes a meaningful contribution to the work of our organization. I agree to provide a safe work environment and to provide supervision for the student. I agree to the responsibilities inherent in supervising a student intern as described in the Off-Campus Employer Guide. I will guide the student's progress toward successful completion of the work plan goals. In addition to normal working contact, I agree to meet with the intern once a week to gauge progress, extend support, provide feedback, and develop a mentoring relationship. I understand that the student is pursuing academic study related to the internship, which involves academic responsibilities that occur outside the hours of commitment to our organization. I will complete two evaluations, using the forms provided, indicating the student's progress and return these to Career Center Experiential Education Program within the required time.

Supervisor Signature __________________________________ Date _______________

Academic Advisor:

I understand my advisee is registered for the internship course EDSS 239 as noted above. We have reviewed his/her course schedule together and I agree that this internship fits appropriately with college/department requirements my advisee will need to meet for graduation.

Advisor Signature __________________________________ Date _______________

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