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Find Part-Time Jobs

Need a job? Looking for seasonal work? You have options! Work experience is important and valuable when you go to find full-time employment.

Consider what is most important to you right now

  • Schedule
  • Wages
  • Proximity to campus
  • Work environment
  • Flexibility/variety
  • Skills you want to develop

Choose your part-time job with these needs in mind.  Part-time work can offer far more than a paycheck; consider a position that offers experience relative to your area of study and/or an opportunity to explore work environments and fields. 

Tips for finding a Part-Time Job

  • Apply in person: Many organizations prefer to take applications for part time work in person. It is usually fine to stop by during business hours to request an application.
  • Dress appropriately: You may be able to speak to the hiring manager.
  • Plan your strategy around location: If you don't have a car on campus, consider the bus routes. (CCTA)
  • Be realistic about your time availability: take into consideration class and study time, activities, social time and commuting time!

Part-time Job Search Resources

Links to area job posting sites

Campus Jobs

Local Business and Organization Directories

Listings of area businesses and their contact information to assist in the job search process.

Sample Area Employers

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