University of Vermont

Higher Education

General Higher Education

These are general web sites related to careers in higher education. Some are professional association sites where you will find information about the field and job postings. Others are job posting websites and periodicals.

Admission, Financial Aid, and Orientation

These are professional association web sites with information regarding careers in admissions, financial aid, and orientation; some sites also include job postings.

Educational Opportunity

These professional association sites cover areas within higher education and student affairs that focus on social justice, access, and equity issues.

Intramural and Varsity Sports

Professional associations for those interested in working with sports on campus whether through advising student-athletes or recreational sports.

Jobs in the Professoriate

Job search resources for those interested in jobs as college teachers.

Student Activities and Services

This section contains organizations and associations focused on student activities, student unions, international activities, health services, academic advising, and residential life.


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