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CEMS Computer Science and Information Systems Major

Computer Science and Information Systems

Alumni with degrees in Computer Science & Information Systems pursue a wide variety of careers, both directly and indirectly related to their course of study. This is a representative sample of job titles from recent UVM alumni who majored in Computer Science & Information Systems.

Job Title

Career Industry

Application Developere Operations Consultant
Google Analytics Associate Digital Media & Marketing
Information Technology Manager Food Service
Inside Sales Representative Online Retail Service
Programmer Software Development
Risk Manager Financial Services
Software Engineer Healthcare Services
Solution Engineer E-Commerce

Recent Employers

Demandware, Inc. EpikOne
Groupon Marathon Health, Inc.
Mindflash Technologies, Inc. Optum Insight
United States Government Woodchuck Cidery

Transferable Skills

In addition to the specialized material you study in your major, you will also gain useful transferable skills. Remember: it is essential to be able to articulate the skills you have gained.

Examples of transferable skills fostered while majoring in Computer Science & Information Systems

Critical Thinking Skills

Leadership and Administration Skills

Communication Skills

Uses logical thinking to solve complex problems
Makes informed decisions

Works well under pressure
Adherence to deadlines
Efficient and detail oriented

Ability to explain computer systems effectively and help user understand and chose systems

Research and Investigation Skills

Design and Planning Skills

Information Management Skills

Researching existing computer systems and analyzing their effectiveness
Observation and classification skills

Designing new systems and implementing changes to existing systems

Maintenance of systems
Ability to multi-task
Knowledge of new technology and its uses

Interpersonal Skills

Skills and Assessing Values

Specialized Skills

Work collaboratively with managers, accountants, and other users within a company
Collaborates effectively to brainstorm creative solutions

Ability to work in the abstract and apply meaning to larger and broader societal questions and problems
Works with diverse populations

Write, debug, and test computer programs
Programming language fluency Quantitative and statistical expertise

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