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Dr. Tom VogelmannThe College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at the University of Vermont (UVM) is the product of more than a century of excellence in teaching, research, and service. Our programs and curricula are rooted in the land grant mission of UVM and nourished by the state's distinctive cultural, economic, and agricultural heritage. Today, the faculty combine cutting-edge scientific research with outstanding teaching to lead students in examining critical issues that impact the quality of life not only in Vermont but also across the nation and around the world.

During the 21st century, major trends associated with demographic and climatic shifts will exert pressure on agricultural practices and land use in urban settings and rural communities alike. Food and fresh water systems will be strained, and concerns about human health and biodiversity will be heightened at regional, national and global levels.

Through its teaching, research and outreach activities CALS is committed to creating knowledge and furthering understanding around these important areas:

  • A safe and nutritious food system;
  • profitable, environmentally sound agricultural enterprises;
  • the development of models, policies and practices that help sustain vital rural communities; and
  • the pioneering use of modern molecular and cellular biology to improve the quality of life and preserve healthy ecosystems.

Our agenda is demanding and requires ongoing investments in students in the form of undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, in faculty research, and in our classrooms and laboratories.  Your contribution will enable CALS to build upon the progress of the past century and will help advance the search for solutions to some of the most daunting challenges facing Vermont, the nation, and the world. This is work that matters to all of us. Your gift will make a difference.  Thank you!

Thomas C. Vogelmann
Dean of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Support for Students

Attracting and retaining a talented and diverse student body requires both high-quality programs and adequate scholarship and fellowship resources.  Donations may be designated to assist students within a particular academic department or may be given in support of college-wide scholarship needs via the Undergraduate Student Opportunity (USO) Scholarship Fund or Graduate Student Opportunity (GSO) Scholarship Fund.

Support for Faculty

The faculty are at the very heart of College's ability to fulfill its mission with the level of excellence characteristic of a world-class institution.  Their contributions to scholarship, to teaching and to the welfare of society are immeasurable and of enduring value.  Recruiting and retaining gifted and experienced faculty, who in turn attract the most capable students, is vital to achieving the College's goal of national and international recognition for excellence in teaching and research in basic life sciences, the environment, and health.
Contributions are welcome to strengthen the ongoing teaching and research activities of our faculty in the form of annual gifts or toward endowed professorships.  Gifts may be earmarked to support the work of a particular faculty member or given more broadly in support of specific disciplinary or research areas.

Support for Facilities

There is an ongoing need for all levels of support for the College’s classroom and laboratory facilities.  Larger investments are needed for new construction and/or major renovations projects.The College's farm facilities are targeted for major renovations over the next several years, and there are many areas for which private support will be critically important in successfully completing essential improvements.  

Choosing how to make your donation is an important decision. Thoughtful planning can affirm your commitment to UVM and enhance your financial plan at the same time.

What to Give

Selecting the right asset for your contribution can increase tax savings dramatically. For example, a gift of appreciated stock can avoid the capital gains tax that would be due if the stock were sold and the proceeds given to charity.

When to Give

The timing of your gift can be as important as the assets you select. For instance, an income tax charitable deduction may help mitigate the tax impact of a bonus or the exercise of stock options if your gift is made in the appropriate tax year.

How to Give

You can structure your contribution to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in a number of ways.

Outright Gifts

  • Cash
  • Publicly Traded Securities
  • Life Insurance Policy  
  • Real Estate

Multi-Year Pledges

Multiyear pledges allow you to spread payment of your gift over several years’ time.   Typically, multiyear pledges must be fulfilled within five years.

Planned Gifts

  • Bequests through Wills or Trusts

    • Specific bequests—Designate a specific dollar amount or real property to UVM.
    • Percentage bequest—Designate a percentage of your estate or trust value to UVM.

  • Qualified Retirement Plan or Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary Designation

    • Designate UVM as the beneficiary by completing a beneficiary designation form with the plan or policy provider. There may be significant tax advantages to choosing retirement plan assets as an estate gift.
  • Annuities, Trusts, and Life Income Gifts

    • Current and Deferred Gift Annuities—Transfer cash or securities to UVM to establish a charitable gift annuity. Fixed payments, which begin immediately or on some future date, are made to the donor and/or loved ones for life. The charitable remainder passes to UVM.
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts—Transfer assets to establish an irrevocable charitable remainder trust to benefit UVM. The trust is written to provide either a fixed or variable payout to the trust beneficiaries for life or a term of years. The charitable remainder passes to UVM.
    • Charitable Lead Trusts—Transfer cash or securities to establish a charitable lead trust with UVM as a beneficiary. Payments are made to UVM for a term of years, and the principal passes to loved ones. There may be significant estate tax advantages to using charitable lead trusts to pass assets to one’s heirs.

Giving on-line

The UVM Foundation offers the ability to make gifts on-line. Credit cards are accepted and you can designate where you want your gift to go. More information on giving to UVM can be found at Giving to UVM.

Contact Information

For more information about the College’s funding needs and to learn about the ways in which your charitable support can make an immediate impact and be of lasting value, please contact the College Development Officer Howard Lincoln at (802) 656-2509 or

Contributions may be made online via the UVM Foundation's secure website. Please be sure to designate the specific fund or academic program for which your gift is intended.  Unrestricted donations to CALS may be made to the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Fund.

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