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The End of the Roman Republic

Spring 2014

Professor Rodgers
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Office hours: M and F 11:30-12:30, W 10:30-11:30, and by appointment
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Required Texts:

Caesar, The Gallic War (BG), (Oxford, tr. Hammond)
Catullus, The Poems of Catullus (cited by number), (Oxford, tr. Lee)
Cicero, Ten Speeches (Speeches) (Hackett, tr. Zetzel)
Cicero, On the Good Life (GL) (Penguin, tr. Grant)
Lucretius, The Way Things Are (Indiana, tr. Humphries) (cited by book and line numbers)
Sallust, Catiline's Conspiracy (BC), The Jugurthine War (BJ) and Histories (H) (Oxford, tr. Batstone)

Online readings as assigned

Recommended Text:

Plutarch, Fall of the Roman Republic (Penguin, tr. Warner)

Do Not Print This Syllabus; It Is In Flux

Some Online Resources

Plutarch's Lives
Livy Periochae (books 58-134 cover the period of this class, or a little farther; the Periochae are epitomes of the books of Livy's history)
Suetonius' Lives of the Twelve Caesars (for biographies of Julius Caesar and Octavian)
Lacus Curtius has a variety of photographs, texts and other features; see especially the Roman Gazetteer

Chronology with maps giving an outline of major events in Republican history and various maps showing the growth of the Romans' territory

Map of the Roman Empire

Cambridge Ancient History Volume 9: The Last Age of the Roman Republic, 146-43 BC, Second edition

Tables of contents for all volumes of ANRW; the volumes are available in print at the library DG209 .T36

In the bibliographies on and linked to this syllabus, journals are abbreviated according to the conventions of L'Année philologique (henceforth APh), a bibliographical database. There are many online lists of these abbreviations; here is the one from UC Berkeley, and a pdf file straight from APh.

Other Useful Maps

Hellenistic kingdoms
Rome in Italy 500-100 BCE
Map of Western Provinces
Provinces of the Eastern Roman Empire
Expansion of Rome 264 BCE - 180 CE

List of magistrates 134-43 BCE with brief notes about persons and events

Roman names

Roman political vocabulary

The reading assignments are supposed to be completed before you come to class each day.

13  The Middle Republic
Scullard, From the Gracchi to Nero Chapter 1, Rome at the Cross-Roads
15  The Gracchi
Appian, The Civil Wars 1.1-26 (Book I, chapters 1-26)
Notes on Appian

Bibliography on the Gracchi

Valerius Maximus 9.14.3 source for the cognomen Serapio

One scholarly opinion: M. Gwyn Morgan, "'Cornelius and the Pannonians': Appian, Illyrica 14, 41 and Roman History, 143-138 B.C.," Historia 23 (1974) 183-216

17  The Ideal: Scipio Aemilianus and Laelius
Cicero, Laelius: On Friendship (in GL)
Some Scholarship about Scipio Aemilianus
20  Martin Luther King Holiday

22  Rome and Numidia

Sallust, BJ 1-62 (= chapters 1-62, pp. 52-93)

Reading notes for Sallust's Jugurthine War

24  The end of the war with Jugurtha
Sallust, BJ 63-114
Some bibliography
27  Marius defeats Jugurtha, then saves Rome
Plutarch, Life of Marius 1-33
  A Portrait of Marius
29  Saturninus; the Nineties
Appian, Civil Wars 1.27-54
Notes on Appian
Roman and Italian minted propaganda (the links for the relevant coins minted during the Social War are at the very bottom of the page)

An article on lead bullets: William C. McDermott, "Glandes Plumbeae," CJ 38 (1942) 35-37

31  The Last Good Year
Cicero, On the Orator I pp. 228-280 (in GL)
On the Orator III: see the beginning of the book (§§1-16), and note that the word "daughter" in the penultimate line of the second paragraph should be "slaughter"

Elaine Fantham, The Roman World of Cicero's De Oratore (Oxford 2004) is an excellent resource: PA6296.D7 F36 2004

3  Ideals of education and political life
Cicero, On the Orator I pp. 280-336 (in GL)
Remains of the XII Tables (in Latin)
Some of the old Laws (in English)
5  Mithradates VI
Appian, Mithradatic Wars 10-28: start here and use links at bottom, beginning with the one labeled 'part 3', to continue (through part 6)

Another translation, on Perseus

Background on Mithradates VI

Another place where you can find information on Mithradates with pictures

Some bibliography on Mithradates VI

7  Sulla and Marius against each other, and Rome
Appian, Civil Wars 1.55-75
10  Sulla and the new dispensation
Plutarch, Life of Sulla
12  Life in the Seventies
Sallust, Histories
A recent discussion of Lepidus in the Histories, with a good bibliography, is J. Alison Rosenblitt, "Sallust's Historiae and the Voice of Sallust's Lepidus," Arethusa 46 (2013) 447-470. This work can be accessed online
14  Sulla's Lieutenants
Plutarch, Life of Crassus 1-13; Plutarch, Life of Pompey 1-31
Some notes on today's reading
17  Presidents' Day Holiday

19  Cicero Against Verres: taking on Hortensius and the Metelli

Against Verres 1 (this is a .doc file that will download to your desktop)
This is the page from which the .doc file was copied; there are all the Verrine orations here along with several others
For those who are interested, there are five parts to the second book of Cicero's prosecution of Verres, and a preface to the whole series of orations, the Divinatio in Caecilium, the pleading whereby Cicero won the right to prosecute Verres:
Eliminating collusion between prosecutor and accused
Verres' misdeeds as city praetor
Verres' misdeeds as judge in Sicily
Verres' misdeeds regarding the grain supply
Verres' thefts of works of art (assigned for next classes)
Verres' idea of appropriate punishments

What Cicero thought of Verres' defense attorney: In Verrem 2.5.175 Tulit haec civitas quoad potuit, quoad necesse fuit, regiam istam vestram dominationem in iudiciis et in omni re publica, tulit!

21  Senatorial government I
Cicero, Against Verres: On the Theft of Works of Art 1-68 (Verrines 2.4) (in Speeches)
24  Senatorial government II
Cicero, Against Verres: On the Theft of Works of Art 69-151 (Verrines 2.4) (in Speeches)
26  Senatorial government III: Cicero addresses the people
Cicero, In Support of Manilius' Law (in Speeches)
There is an online version of the oration that I have marked up with boldface font to indicate important words or concepts that Cicero emphasizes, along with notations of the sections of the speech and development of the argument, and some footnotes. The introduction and notes in the printed text are also very good, and the translation is much more modern, but there are no boldface markers.
28  The end of Mithradates
Plutarch, Life of Pompey 32-42
3-7  Spring recess

10  Catilina

Sallust, BC 1-35; Cicero, Second Speech against Catiline (in Speeches)
12  The end of Catilina
Sallust, BC 36-61; Appian, The Civil Wars 2.1-7
For a model of the debate in Sallust, see Thucydides 3.36-49
14  Defending a consul-elect
Cicero, In Defense of Lucius Murena (in Speeches)
17  Midterm Examination

How to answer a gobbet question
19  Defense of a poet and of literature
Cicero, In Defense of the Poet Archias (in Speeches)
Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
21  Lucretius and Epicurus
Lucretius, The Way Things Are books 1 and 2
24  Afterlife
Lucretius, The Way Things Are book 3; Cicero, The Dream of Scipio (in GL)
Music of the Spheres (Jupiter)   Interstellar    Pulsars

Medieval multiverse, and nine concentric spheres

26  Impermanence, and an anthropology
Lucretius, The Way Things Are book 5
28  The three-headed monster
Appian, Civil Wars 2.8-19; Plutarch, Life of Caesar 1-14; Plutarch, Life of Crassus 14-17; Plutarch, Life of Pompey 46-55;
Catullus Poems 29, 49, 52-54, 57, 84, 93-94, 113-115
31  Caesar goes to his province
Caesar, books 1-2
2  Two sides of the channel
Caesar, books 3-4
4  Entertainment in the senate
Cicero, Against Lucius Calpurnius Piso (in Speeches)
7  Entertainment in court
Cicero In Defense of Marcus Caelius (in Speeches); Catullus Poems 79
See especially Harold C. Gotoff, "Cicero's Analysis of the Prosecution Speeches in the Pro Caelio: An Exercise in Practical Criticism," CPh 81 (1986) 122-132
9  Catullus in and out of Rome
Catullus Poems 1-16, 21-28, 35-45
11  Latin Day: no class (but reading assignment all the same)
Cicero Letter 20 to Lentulus Spinther (xerox), Letters to Quintus nos.5-7, 9 (xerox)
14  A winter of discontent in Gaul
Caesar, books 5-6
16  Vercingetorix
Caesar, book 7
18  Discontent at Rome
Cicero Letters to his friends 18-20, 24 and to Quintus 21-27; Appian, The Civil Wars 2.20-33
21  And then a war happened
Caesar, BG book 8 and BC 1.1-29; Cicero Letters to his friends 77-98, 149-157
Brief Notes to Caesar BC
23  Thanks to Caesar
Cicero, On Behalf of Marcus Marcellus (in Speeches); On Duties pp. 120-143 (in GL)
25  Philippics
Cicero, Fourth Philippic Oration and Ninth Philippic Oration (in Speeches)
28  Negotiations, or what's in a name, or a bank account?
Cicero, Letters to his friends 325-329, 336, 348-349, 409-428
30  The second triumvirate
Laudatio Turiae

Augustus' Res gestae; (Res gestae divi Augusti can also be found here)

Research response due by noon

9  Final examination 7:30-10:15 a.m.

Final grade will be based upon:
Midterm exam 25%
Six quizzes (approximately every other week) 30%
Research response (instructions forthcoming) 15%
Final exam (cumulative) 30%

Suggestions for background reading: M. Beard and M. Crawford, Rome in the Late Republic (Ithaca 1985). DG254 .B37 1985
M. Beard and M. Crawford, Rome in the Late Republic: Problems and Intrpretations (London 1999). DG254 .B37 1999
J. Boardman, J. Griffin, O. Murray, The Oxford History of the Roman World (Oxford 1991).
M. Crawford, The Roman Republic (Harvard 1982). DG235 .C7 1978, DG235 .C7 1993
Erik Hildinger, Swords against the Senate: the Rise of the Roman Army and the Fall of the Republic (Cambridge, MA 2002). DG254.2 .H558 2002
Arthur Keaveney. The Army in the Roman Revolution (London 2007). DG254.2 .K43 2007
T. Africa, The Immense Majesty (New York 1974). DG210 .A4 1991
H.H. Scullard, From the Gracchi to Nero 5th ed. (New York 1982). Detailed. DG254 .S35 1976b, DG254 .S35 1982, DG254 .S35 1988
E.S. Gruen, The Last Generation of the Roman Republic (Berkeley 1974). Very detailed. DG254.2 .G78

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