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The department is proud to honor our exceptional students.

Honors in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology awards departmental honors to our top students. The criteria include a cumulative GPA of at least 3.55 and a GPA in anthropology courses of 3.75. Students graduating with honors will wear our distinctive maroon and silver honors cords during the commencement ceremony. Award Archives

2015 2014 2013 2012
Alyson Atherton
Nicole Bull
Hunter Cropsey
Andria Cubero
Luke Dorfman
Shannon Esrich
Kelsey Finnell
Melissa Guzikowski
Maeve Herrick
Tanner Hilbish
Tasha Kramer-Melnick
Kara McDonald
Kate Morrissey
Kelsea Moulton
Emily Shea
Hanna Snyder
Shawnae Stanton
Kaitlyn Vitez
Donna Waterman
Mehak Allen
Rachel Aronson
Julia Burns
Terese Cioffredi
Emma Cipriani
Jacqueline Dezendorf
Joseph Friedman
Tasha Kramer-Melnick
Kate Morrissey
Annika Nilsson
Daniel Rosenblum
Erin White
Zoe McKenzie
Monica Johnson
Kate Morrissey
Claire Shapiro
Anna Schmitt
Andrew Simeone
Toben Traver
Sara Stanton
Henry Cesari
Jeremiah Vogelman
Elliot Brake
Meghan O'Daniel
Diane Byers
Mara Zocco
Laurel Chen
Jonathan Roketenetz
Matthew Phillips
Emily Frazier
Jill Bardon
Taylor Radke
Zachary Hirsch
Loren Teetelli
Katie Marie Hesler
Emily. Kokoll
Marea Aldrich
Nicolaus Fox
Heather Fish
Paul Chambers
Emily Jessep
Rose Neilson
Anna Marie Hilton
Benjamin Regan
Caroline Casey
Mark Agostini Jr.
George Henry Perkins Award for the Outstanding Senior

This award is named for George Henry Perkins, a UVM faculty member in Geology and later Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.Perkins is credited with teaching one of the first formal courses in anthropology at an American university. The Perkins Award is presented to the graduating senior who has demonstrated superior intellectual commitment to anthropology during the completion of their degree.

2015 2014 Previous Awards
Luke Dorfman
Luke Dorfman 2015
Joseph Friedman
Joe Friedman 2014
2014 - Joseph Friedman and Daniel Rosenblum
2013 - Zoe McKenzie and Kate Morrissey
2012 - Jonathan Roketenetz
2011 - Claire Eaton
2010 - Cecilia Ackerman
2009 - Margaret Fitch
2008 - Laura Dale and Mary McDonough
2007 - Emily Rak and Aimee Rosato
2006 - Jenna Iodice and Margaret MacDonald
2005 - Jana Mayette
2004 - Steven Hrotic
2003 - Lars Fossum
2002 - Frances Linsenmeyer
2001 - Debbie Stevens-Tuttle
W. A. Haviland Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Anthropology

A Mayanist archaeologist by training, William “Bill” Haviland served UVM for more than 30 years as a Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology. Bill’s career was characterized by his desire to apply anthropological perspectives to modern social problems. The Haviland Award is presented to the graduating senior who best exemplifies Bill’s commitment to finding solutions for real-world crises through the use of anthropological perspectives.

2015 2015 2014 Previous Awards

Riker Pasterkiewicz

Shannon Esrich
Haviland Medal
Rachel Aronson

2013 - Henry Cesari, Monica Johnson and Meghan O'Daniel
2012 - Elizabeth Wright and Cecile Reuge
2011 - Sydney Ganon
2010 - Emily Strattner
2009 - Abray Stillson and Maxwell Tracy
2008 - Vanessa Brigham
2007 - Jaska Bradeen
2006 - Abraham Awolich and Colin Robinson
2005 - Jesse Robie and Myles Jewell
2004 - Sara Grasso and Josh MacLeod
2002 - Caitlin O'Neill
2001 - Elena Taylor-Garcia

James B. Petersen Archaeology Award

The James B. Petersen Award is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jim Petersen (1954-2005). Jim received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont in 1979, and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1983. After several years as director of the Archaeological Research Facility at the University of Maine at Farmington, Jim returned to the University of Vermont in 1997 where he was an Associate Professor and Chair of the Anthropology Department. He was promoted to Professor posthumously. Jim’s areas of interest were vast, and his research centered on the archaeology of Eastern North America, the Caribbean, and the Brazilian Amazon. This research generated numerous publications on such topics as cultural interaction, style and ethnicity, hunter-gatherer/horticultural adaptations, the origins of socio-political complexity, and ceramic and fiber perishable technologies. Courses he taught while at UVM include Prehistoric Archaeology, Historic Archaeology, Archaeological Theory, Field Work in Archaeology, Hunter-Gatherer Cultures, Native Cultures of South America, Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean, Native Cultures of Vermont, and Native Cultures of North America. More than anything, Jim will be remembered for his generosity and absolute love of archaeology; he lived and breathed it. In this spirit, this award goes to graduating seniors who share in this respect and passion for the field of archaeology.

2015 Previous Awards

Katherine Hoadley
2014 - Joy Tatem
2013 - Zoe McKenzie
2012 - Mark Agostini
2011 - Richard Hart and Laurence Wolf
2010 - James Allen
2009 - Kathryn Abbott-Koch and Grace Cameron
2008 - Brennan Gauthier
2007 - Andrew Beaupre
2006 - Rob Ingraham

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