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The Fleming Museum’s collection of over 24,000 objects from all over the world offers many opportunities for the museum to work closely with Anthropology students and classes, from student curated exhibits via Museum Anthropology to student independent research projects and internships and work study positions. The Fleming Museum offers internships for credit through arrangement with our staff and your faculty advisor, as well as work study positions. Visit the Fleming’s Academic Support page for more information.

The James B. Petersen Memorial Gallery of Native American Cultures at the Fleming Museum

clay pot artifactThe James B. Petersen Memorial Gallery of Native American Cultures is a permanent anthropological exhibit dedicated to a former faculty member whose scholarly expertise celebrated the art of the original Americans. The exhibition explores the material cultures and artistic traditions of indigenous peoples of North America, including Vermont, through art and artifacts from the Museum's collections.

Other Long-Term Exhibition

Other long-term exhibitions include the African-Egyptian Gallery, and ancient art and archaeology objects from Asia, South America, Europe and Oceania.

Changing Exhibitions

New exhibitions are offered every semester in the changing galleries, including those curated by UVM Anthropology students, such as “Collecting the Body, Transferring Desire” and “EAT: The Social Life of Food.”

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