(University of MN Grape Breeding Program)
Friday, Saturday, July 16, 17.
Classroom Session: Clinton County Community College, Plattsburg, NY
Vineyard Workshop: Lincoln Peak Vineyard & Nursery, New Haven, VT
The July 16th event at the Clinton County Community College will be an interactive, seminar-type workshop that will allow ample time for questions and responses.  The meeting is intended for potential and current commercial fruit growers interested in sharing the exploration for commercial cold-hardy wine grape production in northeastern NY, and VT.
A vineyard tour will take place on July 17 in New Haven, VT which is growing several of the MN vines that we will be learning about on the 16th.
An introductory overview session will introduce the audience to unique considerations critical to vineyard site selection in the north: local climatic data; critical growth points relative to frost; heat accumulation for growth, fruit maturation, and wood hardening; topography; soils; etc.
Our Keynote speaker will be Dr. Peter Hemstad, who leads the University of Minnesota Grape Breeding Research Program.  The Program has released several very cold hardy grape varieties suited to northern climates such as ours.  Peter will lead several sessions.  These will deal with:
An overview of U of MN's Grape Breeding Program
Candidate grapevines for northern winemaking
Particular vine and fruit growth characteristics and vineyard production issues
A review of wines being developed from these grapes
There will be a complimentary panel session comprised of regional growers (persons from NY, VT, and Que.) who will be speaking of their particular circumstances and production challenges in both grape growing and winemaking.  These will address site selection issues, vines being grown, cultural practices, and winemaking experiences.
Sponsors:  CCE's Northeastern NY Commercial Fruit Program is the lead co-sponsor of this day's event in coordination with several other sponsors, these being the VT Grape Growers Association, the Seaway Wine and Grape Growers Association, and the Champlain West Shore Wine and Grape Association.
The program charge will be $50 which will include tuition, educational packets, lunch (both days), and wine tastings.
For more information, contact Kevin Iungerman, CCE Northeast NY Commercial Fruit Program, at