Organic Vegetable Production Workshops
New York State IPM Program
Jordan Hall Auditorium, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station
Geneva, NY
January 14, 15, 16  2003

We are repeating a well-received three-day series on organic vegetable production first presented in 2001.  These meetings are intended for commercial vegetable growers who are currently growing organically or want to learn more about organic practices, as well as beginners contemplating organic vegetable production.   University and farmer speakers will cover the basics of soil and nutrient management, weed management, and insect and disease management.  This series is sponsored in part by a grant from the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture and Education Program, so we are able to offer this series at the low cost of $10.00 per day.  Overnight lodging costs in Geneva are quite reasonable.  We cannot accommodate more than 75 people so please register early.

Comments from participants in the 2001 series:
"An excellent series with a good balance of theory and practice"
"This was terrific!  I wish I had come to one years ago"
"What a super program.  Best thing I've seen for new and old growers"

For more information and registration material contact Abby Seaman:
NYS IPM Program, NYSAES, Geneva, NY 14456

January 14  - Soil and Nutrient Management

Soil life.  Janice Thies, CALS, Cornell
Interpreting soil test results and estimating nutrient availability.  John Howell, University of Massachusetts
Tillage practices for maintaining soil quality.  Harold Van Es, CALS, Cornell
Building organic matter with cover crops and compost.  Brian Caldwell, NOFA-NY
Soil and nutrient management practices on the Farm:
Upingill, Cliff Hatch
Roxbury Farm, Jean-Paul Courtens

January 15 - Weed Management

Understanding weed biology.  Chuck Mohler, CALS, Cornell
Cultivation tools and strategies.  Vern Grubinger, University of VT
Mulching for weed control and organic matter.  Paul Arnold, Pleasant Valley Farm
Whole farm approach to weed control.  Anne and Eric Nordell, Beech Grove Farm

January 16 - Insect and Disease Management

Impacts of soil quality on insect and disease resistance in plants.  Anu Rangarajan, Cornell
Cultural practices for disease management.  Curt Petzoldt, Cornell
Identifying and encouraging beneficial insects.  Mike Hoffmann, Cornell
Easy and difficult pests: using all possible tools for organic pest management.  Ruth Hazzard, University of Massachusetts
Pest management on Applefield Farm . Steve Mong, Applefield Farm
Pest management from a farmerís perspective.  David Marchant, River Berry Farm