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Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME)

The OCME has the statutory authority under Vermont law to investigate deaths when a person dies

  • From violence; suddenly, when in apparent good health; unattended by a physician or a recognized practitioner of a well-established church; by casualty; by suicide; as a result of injury; in jail or prison or in a mental institution; in any unusual, unnatural or suspicious manner; or
  • In circumstances involving a hazard to public health, welfare, or safety. (cited from

This unfunded internship provides students with direct exposure to the day-to-day activities of the OCME. Because it is open to students at any Vermont college or university, and space is limited, it is a highly competitive opportunity.

Students may be on any one of many paths toward forensic science (criminology, pathology, biology, physical anthropology, etc.) in order to qualify for this internship, but they must show the appropriate level of academic background necessary to benefit from this opportunity. First year students may not apply.

The Office of Undergraduate Research developed an application in order to vet UVM's applicants. The most qualified applicants are forwarded to the medical examiner for final approval.

OCME Internships

OUR Deadlines

Spring (January - April)    Due third Friday in November
Summer (May - August)    Due third Friday in February
Fall (September - December)    Due the third Friday in August

Next application is for Summer 2017
Due: February 17, 2017

Download the application for OCME here.

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