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The UVM Pre-medical/Pre-health Enhancement Program (PEP) is an extracurricular enrichment program for UVM undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in medicine or other health profession. The program introduces students to the complex realities of health care delivery, including patient care and practice management while allowing them to witness the tremendous responsibility entrusted to physicians and healthcare professionals.

PEP is a combination of small group discussions, independent study and reflection, mentoring, and shadowing in clinical settings. PEP students will begin to appreciate the important role physicians and healthcare professionals have in advocating for the health of individuals, families, and our community. For more information, click here.

Students apply in the fall of their second year in college.

Applications are due on the fourth Friday of September of each year.

  • Application Steps

    The application consists of the following:

    • Resume (click here for guides for writing these)
    • Transcript (get a copy from the Registrar's Office through myUVM)
    • A few short answers and a long essay (see Written Prompts below)
    • Application form containing basic personal information (found below APPLY NOW at the right; go there when you have other parts of the application ready)
    • One Reference (ask a recent faculty member, coach, or employer) submitted separately.

    Gather your documents and ask for your reference. Email your reference writer with a link to this webpage (they will find the link in the right-hand column). Next, it is time to write; you will find the questions/prompts below.

    Once your paragraphs are written, resume is ready, and you have a copy of your transcript(s), you are ready to fill out the form below "APPLY NOW" in the right-hand column; you will be taken to the Application form. At the end of that form is the place to upload your documents, and hit submit.

    DUE DATE:  Submit through the on-line portal no later than Friday, September 24, 2021 at 5:00pm.

    If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact Ann Kroll Lerner, PEP Committee.

All application answers should be your own work.

Short Answer Questions

Please answer each of the four questions below (no more than 100 words for each answer):

1)  Why would you like to participate in the PEP Program?

2)  Please describe how you have personally demonstrated that you value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

3)  Please describe a time you have shown resiliency or adaptability.

4)  What does service mean to you and describe an example of this in your life.

Long Essay Prompt

Please answer the following essay prompt (no more than 500 words):

PEP is guided by the six AHEC focus areas. Please describe your experience and thoughts of at least one of these areas:

  • Interprofessional Education (team-based care delivery, patient-centered care)
  • Behavioral Health Integration (services that better address the needs of individual with mental health and substance use conditions)
  • Social Determinants of Health (economic stability, education, social and community context, health and health care, neighborhood and built environment)
  • Cultural Competency (recognize and address the unique culture, language and health literacy of diverse consumers and communities)
  • Medical Practice Transformation (quality improvement, care coordination, cost containment, rural health care, primary care, care for underserved/disadvantaged populations, patient-centered care)
  • Current and Emerging Health Issues (e.g., opioids and substance use disorders, oral health as part of overall health)


The PEP Committee will review all complete applications. We will invite about 20 students to an interview in late October/early November. Once final grades are in for the fall semester, we will make our final decisions and invite the new class to join PEP in the new year.


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