Let us Come to you

FOUR would love to come to your class, club or staff meeting to spread the word about our resources and way to engage students in undergraduate fellowships and research at UVM. Let us know who you are, what you are hoping to learn, and when you would like us to visit by sending us an e-mail. Many of our workshops and presentations are already created and can be requested detailed information regarding pre-created workshops and presentations can be found within this matrix.

Drop by

Fall semester drop-in's are Mondays and Tuesdays from 10-4 in the Hub (100 Davis). Open Hive drop-in's are scheduled for Thursdays from 1-4 at University Heights North, Suite 017.


Dive Deeper

When you have a more in-depth question or you're in need of a meeting with one of our full-time staff advisors, to set up an appointment, email the Undergraduate Research Coordinator or email the Fellowships Advisor. Not sure who you want to see? Check out the matrix below to see if your question fits one of the categories, if not, email us and we'll help you figure out who the right fit is.

Ann Kroll Lerner, Director Questions regarding accepted grants, PEP, OCME, international travel for grants, submitted grant applications Open Hive (Thurs. 1-4 at UHN Ste 017); email: akrollle@uvm.edu; phone: 656-5532
Katie Alexander, Fellowships Advisor Questions & advising for nationally-competitive fellowships, Climb Your Own Way Open Hive (Thurs. 1-4 at UHN Ste 017); email: ccalexan@uvm.edu; phone: 656-4658
Lily Fedorko, Undergraduate Research Coordinator Questions & advising for undergraduate research, grant applications, Student Research Conference Open Hive (Thurs. 1-4 at UHN Ste 017); email: jfedorko@uvm.edu; phone: 656-5533


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Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research (FOUR)

50 University Heights North, Suite 017
Burlington, VT 05405
E-mail: four@uvm.edu
Twitter: @UVMFOUR



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