WELCOME to the 2020 Virtual-SRC!    300+ Students Await!

Image of someone digging into an augmented reality sandbox created by Rachel Seger '16.

There is so much to see, so please feel free to browse the 2020 SRC presentations!  Presentations are no longer "live" but feel free to explore

Visit Student Presentations ANYTIME!

Click on any of the Topics links below to be taken into the V-SRC, directly to that topic. To visit other topics, simply return to the list below and re-enter.


Additionally, there are several special topics sessions:

How do I find a particular student or discipline?

Search the Program (pdf) for a name. OR Create a custom list (download the Excel spreadsheet; sort to suit your interests). You will find presenter name, faculty mentor, major, and research categories. VoiceThread is the online platform that is hosting our conference.

More details about using VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an external platform that hosts the presentations. You see a Topic by clicking our link, but to see another, you must return to this webpage and choose another.

NOW, you can really participate!

  1. Click on a V-SRC Topic from the list above.
  2. Most Topics have from 10-20 presentations. You can wander around and see the sights!
    • "Special Sessions" -are organized around a critical mass of common research.
    • "Invited Sessions" -are organized around a Faculty member's interest, and may be introduced by that faculty.
  3. Not one to wander? Use the Program to search for majors, topics, keywords... your friends'/students' names! Even create your own guide to the event by downloading the Excel spreadsheet and organize to suit.

Information for Presenters

Click to download the V-SRC 2020 Program (Excel)  (or the PDF version)

Expectations of student participation

  • Upload your presentation by Wednesday, April 15 at 5pm.
  • On Opening Day, April 16, come to the V-SRC and explore OTHER presentations for at least one hour (the amount of time you would have been in Davis). Ask questions and leave comments for your fellow students.
    • Want a chance to win $50 while you are performing your SRC duty? Enter the Scavenger Hunt while you are looking around! Due date is being pushed back to Saturday, April 18 (11:59pm).
  • Comments will be left for you as well. We are asking all attendees to leave comments no later than Saturday, April 23 (11:59pm). Please respond to questions and comments by the end of the V-SRC week (ends April 23).
  • Do you want to be part of a Judged Competition (and potentially win $75)?
    • Fill out this form (and hit submit) --answering three easy questions --20 winners will be chosen!
    • Deadline for your submission: April 18, 11:59pm.
  • Ask your friends, family, and faculty to come to the V-SRC and celebrate in your work! If they want to comment, they will need to have a free, VoiceThread account, which they may set up here.

Check out the Program to see all the presentations. Join in the event by clicking Topic links (on the left).

Interested in Giving to the annual Student Research Conference?

Contact us for information on sponsorship levels and how to help support the work of student researchers.