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Elected to the Board by the self-perpetuating board in March 2018. Term expires in March 2024. Born in Hungary and lived in Austria before moving to the United States as a child. Educated at Middlebury College, BA, Physics, 1985; and UVM, MS, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering ,1989. Following engineering roles at Vermont Microsystems and Autodesk, Otto joined Microsoft in 1993 as a senior software developer to work on the graphics system for the first version of Windows NT; he subsequently led the Windows OpenGL and DirectX development groups during their formative years. Otto was one of the four original Xbox founders and its first engineering architect. An early champion of mobile computing, Otto led the development of hardware and software technologies focused on mobile devices and is co-inventor on ten patents. After 18 years at Microsoft, Otto joined HBO to drive the company's digital transition. As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, he was responsible for the development of HBO GO, media production, internal business systems, and technology operations. After leaving HBO, Otto became the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at CA Technologies where he lead CA's technology strategy and advanced research, and was responsible for incubation of next-generation products. Otto served on the board of the Northwest School in Seattle from June 2009 to 2011. He has been a board member at CEWIT at Stony Brook University since March 2016, and a member of the University of Vermont Foundation and STEM Leadership Councils since June 2014. Otto is married to Maggie Russell Berkes; they have three children.

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