University of Vermont

Sean Mahoney: Forestry Major

Sean Mahoney '12

As a forestry major, Sean photographed the progress of certified wood harvested from the Jericho Research Forest to its installation as highly visible paneling and trim in the renovated Aiken Center that Rubenstein School students, faculty, and staff call home. His display of ten black and white, darkroom printed photos, in frames he built from Jericho woods, lines the entry hallway of Aiken.

"The journey started as I was finishing my Service-Learning assignment for the NR 25 class in the fall of 2010. My research of the history of the Jericho Research Forest led me to a collection of historical photographs of the forest. I became fascinated with the story that the research forest told through photographs left behind by past professors and intrigued by a few familiar faces of faculty members who were at one time students learning from the same woods."

"Once plans for harvesting at the Jericho Research Forest for the Greening of Aiken Project became finalized, I saw an opportunity to document a new step in the history of the partnership that the Rubenstein School promotes among students, communities, and the natural and built environments that we all occupy. This exhibit layout is designed to follow the technical steps in the chain of custody that went into converting the wood used to renovate the George D. Aiken Center, but I hope that visitors also come away from this display seeing how local practitioners and artisans were instrumental in providing the wood that we enjoy every day."