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Policy Format

University of Vermont Policy Template

Title of the Policy

Policy Statement

Keep the policy statement as brief and understandable as possible. Simply worded policy statements are more easily understood and therefore are more effective. If further explanation of the policy statement is needed, use the Policy Elaboration section.

A policy describes principles, requirements, and restrictions, and establishes standards, rights and responsibilities that apply generally throughout the University or major components of the University, such as Divisions.

A University Policy is defined by the following criteria:

  • It applies generally throughout the University or major components of the University.
  • It facilitates compliance with internal or external standards or requirements, thus advancing the University’s mission and reducing institutional risk.
  • It requires action or states constraints, articulates desired outcomes, and typically contains notice of consequences for non-compliance.

Reason for the Policy

This section should include a brief statement as to why the University is adopting the policy. This section should include comments on the risk to the institution that underlies this policy.

Applicability of the Policy

This section should identify the segment of the University community that the policy applies to. As examples, all employees, faculty, officers, staff, students, union members, etc.

The standard language format for this section is as follows (as an example):

This policy applies to all University of Vermont faculty, staff and students

Policy Elaboration

This section is used to elaborate on the policy statement above. As an example this section can include clarification of the policy statement or provide examples of different scenarios


This section shall consolidate the technical or significant terms contained within the policy and define these words within the context of the policy's intent. The terms should be listed alphabetically.


The procedures are the methods established for the implementation of the policy.  If a policy is "what" the institution does, its procedures are "how" it carries ou its policy.  Present the procedures related to the policy in this section.


All forms related to the policy are to be listed here. If the forms are web based, this section will link to the form.


This section should specify the contact person for operational questions about the policy and the responsible official for the policy, generally a vice president will be the responsible official.

The standard language format for this section is:

Questions related to the daily operational interpretation of this policy should be directed to:

(person’s name, title and office)
email address

The {title and office} is the official responsible for the interpretation and administration of this policy.

Related Documents / Policies

Related documents / policies that the University community should know about should be listed in this section.

Effective Date

This will be the date the policy is approved by the President or other governing body.

Style Sheet Guidelines:

Font: Time New Roman
Size: Text 12pt, Title 24pt bold, Section Headings 18pt bold
Title: University policies are sorted alphabetically by title. * Make sure the title of your word document matches the name of your policy. Changes to the document title can be made on the File tab under Info and Properties.
Definitions Section: The word to be defined is italicized with a colon following and alphabetized

Ex: Banner: Temporary signage

Word Document Template:

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