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OVPR : Extramural Funding Roadmap


For grant writing, contact OVPR's Grant Proposal Manager at

For questions about doing research with human subjects, vertebrate animals, biohazardous materials, or recombinant DNA, contact the Research Protections Office (RPO) at 656-5040.

For other research compliance questions, including those related to financial conflicts of interest, contact the Office of the Associate Vice President for Research Administration at 656-1329.

For questions about intellectual property (IP), contact the Office of Technology Commercialization at 656-8780.

For all other questions, contact Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) at 656-3360.

Extramural Funding Roadmap

Are you a new UVM faculty member or new to the UVM extramural funding process? This interactive tool will help you understand how sponsored projects are administered at UVM.

Simply click on the "tree" below to find out more about each step in the extramural funding process. All links off the tree will open in a new tab/window.

All steps are the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI), unless otherwise noted.


When you click on one of solid green main steps, you will see substeps that have borders of different types:

Required Required: All PIs are required to complete this step, regardless of proposal type

Might Be Required May Be Required: PIs are required to complete this step in certain cases, depending on proposal type (your SPA Research Administrator will guide you in this)

Recommended best practiceRecommended Best Practice: Not required, but we suggest you complete the step, if appropriate



We welcome your feedback on this tool. Please email Keri Toksu at if you have any comments on the tool's functionality and/or usefulness. Also, please let us know if you encounter any broken links. Thank you!

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