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INQUIRY 2016 Research, Scholarship and the Arts at UVM

Advancing the Public Good through Research and Scholarship

TPresident Tom Sullivan wo-hundred-twenty-five years ago this autumn, in a land that was then largely wilderness, the founders of the State of Vermont chartered this University, the fifth oldest institution of higher learning in New England. It was a bold and extraordinary act of affirmation for the value of education and the pursuit of discovery and knowledge in what was then a brand-new state. Vermont had only joined the Union a few months before the charter was approved. This University truly has been a part of the fabric of the state from its very formative days.

That same deeply rooted respect for the power and impact of knowledge in the Green Mountain State guided the crowning achievement of Vermont Senator Justin Morrill in the 1860s — the establishment of the Land Grant Act that gave rise to public universities across the nation. Since that pivotal moment, Vermonters have continued to play important roles in expanding the educational life of all Americans.

The faculty of the University of Vermont continues this societal legacy as they discover and pursue new knowledge, develop new creative works, and educate the next generation of knowledge seekers. UVM INQUIRY presents a selection of the research, scholarship, and the creative arts produced by our faculty over the last academic year. While by no means all-inclusive, it seeks to showcase a broad sampling of efforts from across all the colleges and schools of our institution, demonstrating that the spirit of inquiry, creativity, and collaboration is thriving in every corner of the University.

UVM INQUIRY is also a testimonial to the fostering of the teacher/scholar at the University of Vermont, what we believe to be an absolutely vital force in the improvement of life in our society. The extraordinary teacher/scholars who are our faculty drive the engine of inquiry that brings new discoveries, innovations, and economic opportunities to people throughout our region, the nation, and the world. Their commitment engenders what I like to think of as a form of magnetism, a pervasive force that continues to attract top students, researchers, and creative minds to this state.

I invite you to read, learn, and experience more about the exceptional thinkers, innovators, educators, artists, and entrepreneurs who make up the faculty of the University of Vermont. Their work as showcased here and elsewhere advance and elevate all humankind.

Tom Sullivan

University of Vermont