University of Vermont

Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)

REACH Grant Program

This competition is now closed.

The REACH grant program seeks to identify and promote promising research, scholarship and creative arts in all areas of the University and to encourage faculty members to envision ambitious, long-term projects that will have a substantial impact on their own profiles as researchers or creative artists as well as enhance the profile of UVM by the quality and significance of their achievements. The program is designed to foster conditions of possibility in which these more ambitious projects can grow by providing seed money, exploratory funding, leveraging capability, and similar options.

Goals of the REACH grant program are as follows:

  • To promote innovative research, scholarship, and creative projects and to enhance UVM's reputation as an incubator for cutting-edge ideas. Projects can be in established disciplines, interdisciplinary, or in new and emerging fields. Successful applicants will articulate their perceived innovation and describe how it marks a new direction in their own work, its potential outcomes, and its relation to UVM's mission.
  • To advance research with broad societal, scholarly and/or creative impact that extends beyond UVM into the community and the world. Successful applicants will address the potential scope and impact of their proposed project.
  • To encourage faculty members to reach the next level of achievement in their research trajectory. Both individual and collaborative achievement is encouraged. Successful applicants will describe their long-term intellectual and professional goals and how the REACH grant will help them achieve these objectives.
  • To leverage institutional investment by providing the building blocks to support a larger applications for competitive extramural funding.


With the exception of current and previous REACH awardees, UVM faculty members active in scholarship, research, and/or creative work are eligible to apply to the REACH grant program. Interfaculty and/or interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged where such an approach enlarges the possibilities for significant accomplishment, but it is not a requirement.

Proposals that anticipate cost sharing or other funding (internal or external) are especially encouraged, but cost sharing is not required; such funding need not be firmly approved at the time of application.

Proposals in areas that are commonly eligible for extramural support must include a plan to leverage the REACH funding by subsequent application to an external funding agency.

Amount and Duration

For 2018-2019, the total budgeted amount for the REACH grant program is $150,000, with budget ranges from $1,000 to $30,000 considered. Funds will be available May 1, 2018, and must be expended by August 31, 2019, with no carryover of unexpected funds allowed.

Criteria for Selection

Proposals are reviewed by a faculty committee chosen from broad areas of research, scholarship and creative activity across campus. A "scoring rubric" consistent with the goals of the REACH grant program outlined above guides the committee in its review of applications. Reviews and recommendations are then forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Research where the final decisions are made.

Award Conditions

Persons accepting REACH grant awards must comply with all applicable procedures and regulations.

At the end of the grant period, successful applicants will report their activities and accomplishments to the Office of the Vice President for Research, which will post the reports on the OVPR website. Awardees are expected to participate in ongoing activities associated with the REACH grant program.

A REACH grant award will be acknowledged in all publications and presentations and, as appropriate, in applications for further funding.


Please contact Dan Harvey at or 656-4566 with any questions.