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Onboarding Overview

Onboarding at UVM: an Overview

New employees are required to participate in a comprehensive onboarding program. The program is designed to help ensure that individuals experience a smooth transition into their role at UVM, and provide a forum to discuss a variety of issues related to the climate and culture of the University.

The program is comprised of two separate and distinct sessions on the following topics:

  • New Hire Enrollment Session
  • UVM Culture and Community

Supervisors register employees for both sessions. The first session should coincide with a new employee's first day of employment. Full registration procedures can be found here.

New Employee Enrollment Session

This session is facilitated by the Employee Advising Team from Human Resource Services. Learn how to prepare for this session.

The New Hire Enrollment session will provide new employees an opportunity to:

  • Understand the many benefits available to them as a University employee
  • Ask questions of benefits experts
  • Complete benefits enrollment and payroll forms

UVM Culture and Community Session

The Culture and Community session is facilitated by Professional Development & Training. This session will cover a variety of important topics, including:

  • Our Common Ground
  • Diversity and Inclusion at UVM
  • Internet and Data Security
  • Fire and Personal Safety
  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Health and Wellness
  • Professional Development and Tuition Remission
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias

Accommodations and Accessibility

Arrangements can be made for employees with disabilities who may require auxiliary aids, services, or other reasonable accommodations in order to view this website effectively, to fill out forms, or to attend orientation. Translation services and some written instructional aids may be available for employees for whom English is not a primary language.

Contact Professional Development & Training at 802-656-5800 or e-mail with questions or to initiate a request. Thank you for providing us with advance notice so that we can better meet your needs.

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