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Frequently Asked Questions- New Hire Orientation

Process Changes

What about faculty?

The process for faculty attending just the August New Faculty Orientation does not change. If you previously registered faculty members for New Employee Orientation you should use the new process.

What about UVM Medical Group Physicians?

Please see the process detailed here.

How are CatCard and Parking Permits being handled?

Previously, CatCard and parking instructions were given to new employees when they came to orientation. In the new process, employees are instructed to do this on their first day of work, at their convenience. There are instructions and reminders on the employee webpage.

Where should I direct my employee to park ont the first day of work?

Managers are responsible for either sending a link to the printable parking passes or printing and mailing a pass to the new employee.

Questions about Session Format

How long is the New Hire Enrollment?

The length of New Hire Enrollment will vary from week to week depending on the number and needs of those in attendance. Employees and managers should plan on approximately 2 hours for the session, with the understanding that this will vary slightly in either direction.

How long is the UVM Culture and Community Session?

This session is 3.5 hours in length.

What about the mandatory Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias session?

The content from this session has been rolled into the UVM Culture and Community session.

Where will these sessions be held?

The location for sessions will vary and will be indicated in the registration process. It will be the responsibility of the manager to let the new employee know where he or she should report for orientation.

Registering a New Hire

How do I register my new hire?

The registration process is explained in detail on this webpage.

Additional Questions?

I have a question that isn't answered here. Who do I contact?

All questions related to these changes and specifically New Hire Orientation should be directed to Human Resource Services or by calling 6-3150.

All questions specifically related to the UVM Culture and Community session should be directed to Professional Development & Training by calling 6-5800.



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