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Office Support Series

Office Support Certificate Series

The Office Support Certificate Series aims to develop essential knowledge and skills for UVM employees who have responsibility for providing basic administrative support to UVM departments. This series was designed by HRS Learning Services in cooperation with a select group of UVM staff who serve in administrative support roles.

Certification Requirements

  • Attendance at six core courses
  • Attendance at five elective sessions —see eligible electives
  • Completion of self-assessments and homework assignments


Who: This certificate series was developed specifically for staff who have responsibility for providing basic administrative support to UVM departments. Application is required.

When: The next program begins in September. Complete scheduling details are included in the application.

Where: The on-campus location will be communicated upon acceptance into the program.

Format of Classes: Classes utilize a combination of classroom and independent learning and are taught by UVM staff from appropriate departments. All classes are skills-based and provide immediate take-aways.

Core Competencies: The core courses and all program activities are organized around four core competencies: inspiring trust, gaining influence, mastering technology, and communicating with impact.

1. Program Introduction- Introductory activities!

2. Inspiring Trust

  • Describe your workplace culture and identify the expectations related to that culture
  • Demonstrate professional appearance and behavior
  • Develop behaviors that meet and exceed expectations
  • Employ strategies to plan and prioritize quickly to get the most out of your day and limit distractions
  • Describe approaches to situations that do not play out the way you expected, and demonstrate how to credibly proceed through them

3. Gaining Influence

  • Build a strong working relationship with your supervisor to deliver exceptional results
  • Explain approaches for effectively working with multiple bosses
  • Describe the value of the relationship between you and your supervisor
  • Leverage knowledge of your supervisor's style and needs to guide your decisions and work tasks
  • Employ strategies to ensure all areas of your responsibility and authority are fully understood
  • Describe tactics for getting results when you are not in charge

4. Mastering Technology

  • Identify how and why technology causes stress and employ strategies to reduce or eliminate that stress
  • Examine your current technology habits and explain how they shape your professional life
  • Analyze your technology related boundaries and employ strategies for balancing work and home
  • Discuss various office and business software programs and employ tips and tricks to increase efficiencies
  • Define the concept of inbox zero
  • Employ a strategy to manage your e-mails

5. Communicating with Impact

  • Identify grammatical and style errors in business correspondence  
  • Explore e-mail and business communication etiquette and employ strategies to increase the professional appearance of your correspondence
  • Develop a personal communication strategy to ensure that you are providing a high level of customer service
  • Explain the requirements for communication with individuals at different levels of the organization
  • Employ strategies for communicating with difficult people

6. Furthering Your Skills and Next Steps- Continuing your learning journey

How to Participate

Those interested in this series should speak with their manager. After receiving your manager's approval, complete the application. (There is a full schedule contained within the application packet.)

The deadline for submitting an application is August 18 at noon. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.


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