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Outside Magazine Ranks UVM #9 for its Readers

Outside Magazine

Citing UVM's 100-year-old Outing Club; the Wilderness TREK program for new students; campus proximity to Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains and Adirondacks; and engaging, fieldwork-based courses, among other assets, Outside magazine ranks the University of Vermont #9 in its list of the top 25 colleges for its readers.

"We know what our readers look for in any kind of experience," Outside writes, "adventure, grit, sweat, a worthy struggle, tested endurance, goosebump-inducing views, wide-open skies, maybe some roiling water. So why should college be any different? The correct answer is: It shouldn’t."

When creating the list, the magazine considered the affordability of experiencing the natural beauty surrounding each campus. "College kids are notoriously cash-strapped," Outside writes, "but that should be the last thing to stop someone from getting out there—and even from getting out there well-equipped. Gear, lessons, certifications—these things all cost money in the 'real world.' So if administrators can roll those expenses into the cost of tuition instead of charging adventure-seekers extra, so much the better."

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