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From USA Today Article: Student Raves About UVM's Honors College

USA Today

From an Associated Press feature in USA Today: "Bronwyn Stippa had all but made up her mind to attend New York University, a top-notch private college. A visit to the University of Vermont, where she had been accepted to a new honors college, was a favor to her parents.

"'I came up, and it was just mind-blowing,' she said. 'I totally did a 180.' Vermont promised her access to top professors and special courses, and a financial aid package that dwarfed NYU's.

"Since she enrolled, Vermont has also shown it can push her just as hard as any private college.

"'Coming here, I figured I would have to challenge myself more, that it would be maybe easier than going to NYU,' said Stippa, 'I'm realizing that's not the case at all.'"