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Additional Pay

Q: I need to process an additional pay for an employee. Can I do that on ePAR?

A: ePAR is only used for a limited number of additional pays. Please refer to the mini manual.


Q: When do I use a transfer action/reason and when do I use a hire/additional job action/reason?

A: Transfers are used if one job is replacing another job. (Transfer should be used instead of a termination and a hire because of benefit implications.) Hire/Additional job is used if the position is in addition to the first job.

Q: I have a terminating employee who has vacation hours remaining and I don’t know which ePAR to initiate.

A: Terminating employees with vacation hours that need to be paid out are processed as a ‘termination with benefits’ ePAR EXCEPT for retiring employees (see next FAQ).

Q: I have an employee who is retiring* and I don’t know which type of termination to initiate.

A: Employees that are retiring* need to be processed as ‘termination without benefits’ even if they have vacation that needs to be paid out. The ‘termination without benefits’ ePAR allows for vacation/comp hours to be entered. The termination effective date should be the first day the individual is NOT employed at UVM (last date of employment +1).

*Retiring is defined as those employees who are retiring per UVM rules and will receive UVM retiree benefits upon termination.

Leave of Absence

Q: I have to submit a leave of absence which will involve both paid and unpaid time off. Do I need to submit multiple ePARs?

A: Submit one ePAR to initiate the leave of absence. Human Resources and Payroll will process the paid and unpaid portions of the leave based on the Leave of Absence (LOA) form attached to the ePAR. To return the employee from leave, a new ePAR will have to be initiated by the department. Status changes to leaves once they are in PeopleSoft, such as a changed return date or an addition of an intermittent leave, can be transacted by emailing an updated LOA form to . A new ePAR is not needed in these situations.

Temporary Employee

Q: I need to terminate/hire a temporary employee. Can I do that on ePAR?

A: ePAR is not currently used for personnel transactions involving temporary employees.

Common Questions

Q: I’m on the search screen trying to determine if the employee that I’m performing an action on is an existing employee, and the search button is greyed out on the screen.

A: Usually this is because you have not entered at least two search parameters. The recommended search criteria is a social security number (SSN), if available.

Q: There are lots of mini manuals and resources. Where do I start?

A: Go to the the UVM ePARS –  ePAR (Document) Collection screen and determine what action you want to perform (Hire, Pay Rate Change, Job Change, Leave, Transfer, Separation, Person of Interest (POI), Additional Pay). Refer to the Action/Reasons Definition and then the applicable mini manual.

Q: I submitted an ePAR two days ago for an individual and now I have to submit another ePAR for the same individual.

A: To avoid unintentional conflicts between pending ePARs, wait for the first ePAR to be processed before submitting another one. The initiator will receive an email when the ePAR has been processed by Payroll Services, or you can check PeopleSoft to determine if the first ePAR has been processed and then submit the next one.

Q: I am initiating an action for a non-paid faculty assignment. What should the FTE be?

A: FTE for non-paid faculty (NPC) is always 0.

Q: I am backfilling a position that currently has an incumbent in it. For training purposes, the two individuals will overlap for several weeks. Is this okay?

A: Yes, initiate the hire ePAR and enter a comment acknowledging that there will be two people in the position temporarily and if the current incumbent will be terminating.

Q: Are there deadlines for ePARs?

A: Yes, the deadlines for ePARs are the same as what had been set for Personnel Action (PA) forms. The Payroll Schedule  is viewable on both Payroll and Human Resource Services websites.






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