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Working with Graystone Group

Placing Advertising (for staff positions) Through Graystone Group*

*Graystone is a vendor that can be used by UVM departments to help with advertising placement.

After your position has been posted, you can place advertising.

  1. Create a new e-mail to: with the subject line: University of Vermont Ad Request.
  2. Copy and paste the applicable information into the e-mail. You are required to include the Advertising Text, List of Publications/Websites for ad placement, Cardholder Name and Cardholder e-mail (for billing purposes).
  3. Send the e-mail.
  4. Graystone will e-mail you a proof of the ad with the date that it will run and the cost. You can request any edits that you would like.
  5. Once the ad is placed, the cardholder will receive an e-mail from Graystone with a link for billing. Refer to Advertising Billing Instructions.

Note: The Graystone Group assesses a 10% charge for the coordination of Burlington Free Press ads. This fee does not apply to the majority of other print and web ad placements.

To Place Advertising Independently

  1. Determine where you wish to place your ad. A list of potential publications/resources is available on the Advertising Resources page of the HRS website.
  2. Utilize the “Advertising Information” report to provide information to your chosen vendor.

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