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Recruitment and Interview Guide for Supervisors

Recruitment: Steps in Hiring a New UVM Employee

The Position Description

For new and existing staff positions, a Position Description (PD) is required. 

Complete the Position Description tab along with additional required recruitment information in PeopleAdmin and route to your Business Manager or Dean. Your HRS consultant will review the position and notify you. 

Recruitment Information

Recruitment actions are initiated using the PeopleAdmin system. Consult the Staff Actions in PeopleAdmin decision tree for guidance. Recruitment information informs Human Resource Services about the job and your advertising needs. 

Upon Completion of Recruitment Information, submit the recruitment requisition to your Dean's Office for administrative review and approval. The normal posting period is one week. New positions are posted daily.

Following review and approval of the recruitment information, you may post the position on the job website via PeopleAdmin. If you have not previously established an account on PeopleAdmin, contact your business manager. For further information on PeopleAdmin, see Working in PeopleAdmin.

If you have requested an opportunity hire and it has been approved by Affirmative Action, HRS Research & Analysis will inform you as soon as they have reviewed the Proposed Salary information. If your request for an opportuntiy hire is not approved, Affirmative Action will contact you to explain the denial.

Posting the Vacancy

UVM has official language to include when talking about: UVM, Burlington and working at UVM. Please use this official language (PDF) when writing job descriptions and look at our sample advertising examples.

Carefully review job posting information, including job summary, minimum qualifications for the job, and any special requirements of the job. Special working conditions should be stated on the posting. The posting should state if the job includes:

  1. regular or more than occasional overtime work
  2. on-call assignments and provision of emergency services
  3. passing a security clearance
  4. internal applicants to serve a four-month probationary period
  5. working hours for either salaried or hourly employees that are different from normal working hours, such as part-time, weekend, or shift work
  6. a probationary period for an exempt position
  7. having a valid driver's license, CDL, or other endorsement
  8. a check on driving history. If the individual is required to drive a University vehicle, a driver's record check must be processed through the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. The details of this procedure will be discussed with the hiring supervisor. Pre-duty alcohol and substance abuse testing is undertaken for those requiring a Commercial Driver's License.
  9. union status
  10. grant funding

Advertising: Getting the Word Out

Advertising Within UVM
Once the supervisor has determined the content of the job posting and it has been approved, it may be posted on the PeopleAdmin job website.

Telephone Hotline
The University's Job Hotline (802-656-2248) is a 24/7 telephone recording of position vacancies at UVM. The recorded message, updated every Tuesday and Friday, lists the job title and department. After listening to the Job Hotline, applicants may view the qualifications, responsibilities and most up-to-date information related to specific positions by visiting the UVM Job Site at

All job postings are listed on the UVM Job Site at The website is updated daily.

Advertising websites to consider are,,,,,, and

Listserv Broadcasting
Position openings may be posted via listservs both within the University and beyond. Copy for the printed advertisement and the listserv broadcast should have the same basic message, although it need not be identical in length. For example, essential functions, deadlines, and Affirmative Action notice should be included in all outreach.

Newspaper Advertising
Advertising examples and advertising resources are available on the HRS website. Local advertisements are usually considered to be those placed in Vermont, in papers such as the Burlington Free Press, Rutland Daily Herald, and Barre-Montpelier Times Argus. Each ad must include an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action statement.

Vermont Department of Labor
Vacant positions may be posted on www.vermontjoblink through the Vermont Department of Labor, the state employment agency. They have a computerized application selection process that allows access to lists of candidates throughout the state.

Other Opportunities
UVM Human Resource Services attends local and community job fair events. Contact HRS for information regarding upcoming events.

Advertising for Cultural Diversity
The Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity works with hiring managers to develop a list of resources and advertising placements to create a diverse candidate pool.

Online Application System - Assistance in Your Employee Search
At this point in the hiring process, your search will be assisted by an online application system that provides information yo help you hire the best candidate. It is the bridge between applicants and the hiring department, providing quick access to information on UVM job candidates.

All applications are submitted via the Electronic Application System. The system can easily and quickly obtain stored information on applicants and organize it.

Extended Posting

A posting may be extended if you are dissatisfied with the first applicant pool or wish to widen appeal. When you extend a posting, you must accept for consideration all applications submitted during the re-posting period.

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