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Change to Regular Part-Time Work

Mark has been employed in the same position at the University for seven years and during this time, he has been building a small mail order business in model trains. He would like to change his employment status to a regular part-time job so that he can dedicate half of his time at UVM and the other half to his train business. When he discusses the idea with his supervisor, he finds a ready ear. Together they analyze his responsibilities and determine that there is no reason why another staff member cannot be hired on a regular part-time basis to perform the same work.

Carol and school-aged Will have become excellent gardeners over the years. She has always commuted to her job at UVM from the country and makes the proposal to change her work status from a 12-month to a 10-month position so that she can enjoy her family and garden during July and August. Since she works in an academic department which slows down considerably during the summer, she structured a plan to reduce her responsibilities to span just 10 months and presented it to her supervisor. They then worked together to fine tune the summer absence so that a temporary employee could handle work that remained during the two months away. Carol’s supervisor agreed to the change on a one-year trial basis provided Carol was available for help if needed.

Regular Part-Time Work

Part-time work is a regular, reduced work-time agreement that can offer job security and part-time benefits to the employee who does not wish to dedicate the full work week to the job. It is an attractive alternative for staff who have strong outside interests, and those who wish to balance family responsibilities with work and who work in a situation that lends itself to a part-time arrangement. It allows the University to keep valued employees who want to work fewer hours, enhances some recruitment, and frees funds for other department needs by potential reduced staffing.

Effective part-time workers generally are those who have a regular opportunity to communicate with other staff members and who work closely with their supervisor to make the most efficient use of their limited time.

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Last modified October 22 2013 12:00 PM