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A Flexible Work Environment

The University of Vermont is responsive to important work/life changes that have been taking place in American society over the past 30 years. We are familiar with the patterns forming nationally:

  • Over half of married couples both work outside the home, many with young children
  • More and more employees are single parents
  • Baby boomer employees are now becoming involved in care for their aging parents and relatives
  • Employees are developing their skills and abilities by pursuing continuing education opportunities

In a number of instances, alternative work schedules have been utilized by our various colleges and departments to attract and keep our employees by providing a work environment that is flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals with family pressures and education requirements. Research shows that higher productivity and energy can result by offering these options to our staff.

Alternative work schedules are a tool for supervisors looking to attract and retain quality staff members. This handbook will provide supervisors and employees with strategies for offering alternative schedules. While every effort should be pursued to be flexible, the decision to approve alternative schedules is made by the supervisor who is responsible for the operation of the work unit. The balance of individual needs with those of other employees and the successful operation of the unit as a whole is ever present. In other words, a flexible schedule is not a right of an employee but rather, an arrangement that makes sense for both the employee and the University.

This handbook is a guide that offers ideas for how to structure alternative work schedules within the framework of University policy. If you have questions about these options, or ideas about different ways to approach alternative schedules, please contact Human Resource Services, Employee Relations at 656-8623.

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Last modified October 22 2013 12:03 PM