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Transitioning to Retirement

Transitioning to Retirement

Faculty and staff planning to retire must make preparations to ensure a smooth transition. Here's a general overview of responsibilities to address:

1. Notify your supervisor. Allow your supervisor sufficient time to address these critical issues:

  • Transfer of knowledge and responsibilities
  • Confirm the use of vacation time, if appropriate
  • Collection of UVM property, e.g. keys, computer and equipment
  • Recruitment and/or reorganization of departmental resources

2. Make an appointment with an Employee Advisor in Human Resource Services. During the meeting, the employee advisor will assist with the change in benefits status:

  • Review your benefits and your cost-share in retirement
  • Discuss your responsibility to secure Medicare coverage for you, your spouse and/or dependents
  • Discuss the coordination of Medicare with your UVM benefits
  • Complete forms to transition to retiree benefit programs

3. Contact your retirement savings account vendor(s). It is imperative to communicate a plan for the distribution of your retirement savings account:

  • Request a form to stipulate directions for your account
  • Forward forms to HRS for signatures

4. Change your e-mail settings. As a retiree, your e-mail address will remain active. The University suggests that you configure a vacation notification for a period of time following your retirement.

  • Visit the Account Management website:
  • Configure a Vacation Notification message alerting the sender to your retirement and suggesting where their work-related e-mail should be sent

5. Visit the Retiree Resources website. This page connects retirees to information they frequently request. It is designed as a link to news and information of interest to UVM retirees.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisors or department administrators should be taking the following steps to ensure a smooth transition for employees retiring:

  • Submit Personnel Action forms: HRS and Payroll Services request you submit the PA for retiring staff and faculty ASAP to allow sufficient time for processing. If it is necessary to change the amount of vacation time paid out, send an e-mail five business days prior to their final paycheck to and providing the following information:
    1. Employee ID Number
    2. Employee Name
    3. Date of Retirement/Termination of Employment
    4. Change from xxx.xx hours to yyy.yy hours
  • Collect UVM property: All UVM property should be returned, e.g. keys, computer, equipment
  • Terminate any system access other than that required for the employee to retain e-mail access

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