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Human Resource Representatives

Human Resource Representatives

Human Resource Representatives are individuals with administrative responsibilities who have been appointed by their dean or director to serve as liaisons between Human Resource Services and staff. Here is a list of representatives by area:

Administrative and Facilities Services Kristin Winer 656-0214
Administrative Business Service Center Mary Ann Roy 656-3262
Admissions Yuliya Cruz 656-3263
Agricultural and Life Sciences Richard Fanus 656-0288
Agricultural and Life Sciences Katharine Abbott 656-9738
Arts and Sciences Molly Nilan 656-3182
Center for Health and Wellbeing Sue Demasi 656-0605
College of Medicine, Dean's Office Karmen Swim 656-2578
College of Medicine, Dean's Office Linda Thatcher 656-3112
Continuing Education Cathi Cody-Hudson 656-4359
Custodial Services Connie Russell 656-9277
Custodial Services Peter Blackmer 656-9856
Education and Social Services Pamela Blum 656-1275
Education and Social Services Jean Evans 656-0824
Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Mary Reilly 656-2677
Enterprise Technology Services Marilyn Schlak 656-5743
Extension Celia Rainville 656-4003
Faculty Senate Tiera Porter 656-2019
Financial Analysis and Budgeting Jasmine Manuelyan 656-0412
Fleming Museum Stephanie Glock 656-0165
Graduate College Kathleen Merchant 656-3017
Honors College Brit Chase 656-4658
HR, Diversity, and Multicultural Affairs Diane Gaboriault 656-2089
Instrumentation and Technical Services Gail Burrows 656-0072
Living and Learning John Sama 656-0533
Medicine Eric Gagnon 847-1968
Medicine Jennifer Russell 847-4271
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Patty Laverty 656-0936
Nursing and Health Sciences Shari Bergquist 656-3427
Physical Plant Judy Martelle 656-5460

President's Office

Provost's Office

Yuliya Cruz

Mary Ann Roy 



Registrar's Office Gail Starks 656-2045
Residential Life Laura Lesage 656-7933
Rubenstein School

Rose Feenan

Kathleen Wells



School of Business Administration Michelle Chapman 656-0804
Staff Council Jeff Bukowski 656-4493
University Financial Services Janet Spaulding 656-2703
University Libraries Sarah Gordon 656-2020
University Relations and Administration Al Turgeon 656-9904
VP Finance Alexandra Spannaus 656-0219
VP for Research and Graduate Studies Kathleen Merchant 656-3017
VP for Student and Campus Life Dennis DePaul 656-3380

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