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Words of Appreciation to Staff Honorees, 2013

In preparation for the Staff Recognition Dinner in September of 2013, we asked supervisors to write a brief note expressing appreciation to long-time staff. This is what we received back:

25 Years

Janet Arnold
Janet is customer-focused and thoughtful about giving feedback so that we are focused on the customer when we develop products. She has been there from the development of our first system and brings insight from a historical perspective which is very helpful. She is always ready to help her colleagues and we, as a team, and I personally, am grateful for all she does to make our organization successful.  Ramani Sunderaju

Michelle Atherton
Michelle has provided exceptional support to five presidents through times of challenge and celebration. Her faithful commitment and service is unmatched. Her devotion and willingness to do anything asked of her has made her irreplaceable and invaluable. I can say with confidence that I could not fulfill my duties as President were it not for Michelle. The success of UVM is in many parts attributable to her tireless efforts. I know that I speak for Presidents Ramaley, Colodny, Fogel, and Bramley in expressing heartfelt appreciation for all that you do.  Tom Sullivan

James Barickman
Thank you Jake for bringing your talents and professionalism, your kindness and quiet humor, to work each day. The libraries, faculty and students have benefited from your passion, love and expertize for both music and German. Behind the scenes in cataloging as well as on the front lines at the reference desk, we're grateful for your dedication.  Alison Armstrong

Susan Brouillette
Susan is an extraordinary individual who has offered so much to our program. She is positive and upbeat and always willing to help finish the task. She is organized and detail oriented and always helps the rest of our team put our best work forward to the clients that we work with in Vermont! She is a valuable asset to our team and the University.  Heather Darby

Louise Brown
Louise has been a great addition to the Custodial Services Department. After transferring from the Glass Shop, Louise quickly adjusted to her role in Custodial. Louise can be counted on to complete her work assignment efficiently and accurately. Louise embraces the Custodial "I Care" customer service model. She always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to have on our team. Guy Shane

Jacqueline Candiotti
Over her 25 years of working "on the wing," Jackie has been an integral part of the administrations of 10 UVM presidents, and has spent the past 10 years trying to keep vice presidents for finance and administration organized and on schedule—a Herculean task indeed. Jackie is a welcome, friendly face in a part of the University that is generally in perpetual motion.  Richard Cate

Cheryl Collins
Cheryl possesses a rare combination of keen intellect, superb instincts in cell biology, and impeccable attention to detail. She has been the lab "mother" and savant to several graduate students. She orients new graduate students to the laboratory, instructs them in techniques, troubleshoots technical difficulties and still manages to make her office the meeting place for students. I have been blessed by Cheryl's intellect, dedication, and collegiality. Such individuals are rare, and I am extremely grateful to have her as part of our group.  Ralph Budd

Linda Cummings
Linda is a very reliable and attentive employee. Always ready to help when/where it's needed. She "See's the Need and Takes the Lead"! She demonstrates outstanding customer service qualities every day. Linda is a valuable part of the UVM bookstore's team. Thanks for all your years of service to the University!  Denise Bora

Dianna Dion
Athletics is a large department and it takes a special individual to navigate the various personalities and work load and Dee is that special person. Her eagerness to help wherever she is needed and the ability to juggle multiple tasks at one time makes her invaluable. She is the rock of our department in so many ways and I am personally grateful for her unwavering support and want to say how much I appreciate her work ethic and the value she brings to our department and to me personally. Thanks Dee!  Roxanne McDonald

Elizabeth Dunbar
"Libby" Dunbar's hands have carried countless students from tragedy, stress and academic decline to happier times and graduation! In some cases these firm hands pushed but always with a gentle touch and a finger pointed in the right direction. She has served the students and faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences with great intelligence, skill, kindness and an incredible commitment to diversity. She is a wonder and we love her to pieces.  Patty Corcoran

Tina Haskins
Tina has been student support specialist extraordinaire ever since I became chair in 2002. She has grown in the position as our student numbers have grown almost 600 percent! Tina's ability to meet student needs with professionalism and a smile help to make CDAE a "happenin' place" to be at UVM.  Jane Kolodinsky

Erica Heffner
Erica is the embodiment of the values found in Our Common Ground—the statement of UVM values we are all meant to live by. She daily exhibits integrity, professionalism and respect for others in carrying out her responsibilities as Deputy Compliance and Privacy Officer. She models these values for our community and tirelessly champions them on the job, helping the University to meet its compliance requirements and to do the "right thing." We are very fortunate to have her.  Anna Drummond

Lori Holiff
While Lori's intelligence, integrity, and true grit are greatly appreciated, it is her ability to come to work every day with a positive outlook that is her greatest gift. Her positive energy is contagious as it spreads joyously to students, faculty, staff . . . and even her boss. As Lori's supervisor I find Lori's dedication to UVM inspirational and I am grateful to have her as a colleague and a friend.  Aaron F. Nichols

Mary Lou Hollinger
Mary Lou's dedication to helping UVM students shines through in all of her work. Her commitment has never wavered despite all of the changes during her time with the Financial Aid Office and its transition into Student Financial Services. Her support of ALANA students and Medical students are particularly appreciated. I am personally grateful for her commitment and service to UVM.  Donna Stevens

Guy Kennedy
Guy has made significant contributions to UVM through his innovative work to develop state-of-the-art instrumentation systems for molecular studies and teamwork supporting the department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics. This work has been an important part of the world class research conducted in the department. Prior to his time in physiology, Guy worked campus-wide to design, fabricate and repair critical research instrumentation where his quality results and focus on his customers gained many friends and colleagues.  Tobey Clarke

Lise Larose
Lise has spent over two decades supporting and inspiring students and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Vermont. I have been blessed to have Lise by my side and on my team. It would be no exaggeration to say that Lise is the heart and soul of the Dean's Office and her outreach and advocacy for students is legendary. Professional, compassionate, funny beyond compare, smart as a whip are only a few descriptors of this remarkable woman. She is adored by all. Patty Corcoran

Robin Lockerby
Robin has been at the center of helping our faculty and staff learn how to improve their planning, evaluating and marketing activities through the years. She has been a consistent champion, listener, helper and motivator to do better across the organization. I speak for all in Extension when I say, we appreciate your hard work and collaborative style. Thank you.  Doug Lantagne

Sally McCay
Sally's photographs and videos across the past twenty-five years have created a powerful, enduring portrait of the University of Vermont, its people and places. Her imagination, initiative, and hard work continue to make UVM Photo a vital part of university communication efforts. Thomas Weaver

Tom Mercurio
Tom and I have worked closely together in the UVM Office of the General Counsel for 25 years. Tom is an invaluable colleague. He is thoughtful, gentle, open-minded, and has the patience of Job. He is truly client-centered, and his fans and friends at UVM are found everywhere. Thanks, Tom, for the memories, the consistent collegiality, and the work together to come.  Fran Bazluke

Laura Merriam
Laura is a key contributor to the research activities of my laboratory. She has completed many sophisticated electrophysiological experiments, has helped train technicians, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and is a co-author on multiple publications. As her supervisor and former Anatomy and Neurobiology Chair, I am very appreciative of her dedication and support.  Rodney Parsons

Bruce O'Rourke
Bruce works in the field of mass spectrometry to assist researchers in a range of departments across multiple units UVM. Bruce has evolved as fast as the dynamic field of mass spectrometry that he works in, keeping him constantly on his toes over the past 25 years. We are extremely grateful for Bruce's efforts. He is an invaluable resource.   Dwight Matthews

Martha Wales
During Martha's tenure at UVM she has proven to be a dedicated employee who goes above and beyond her duties and responsibilities to ensure her customers' needs are always her first priority. Her skill and expertise in diagnosing a problem, developing new solutions to enhance HR and Payroll needs are appreciated immensely and counted on almost daily. Those of us who work with her closely value her friendship and the camaraderie that has been built over her many years of loyal service to the University. We are all blessed and fortunate to have her as a colleague.  Penny Cayia, Monika Hotaling, and Suzanne Trudeau

Sally Wales
Sally is an extraordinary talent disguised as an administrative assistant. The department treasures her presence, and her competence, for many reasons. At the top of that long list of reasons why she is so valuable to everyone in the department, is Sally's humanity, which she is able to infuse into every level of department operations.  Thomas Brennan

Douglas Watkin
Important to Doug's legacy are the undergraduates students, graduate students, faculty and public that Doug has had the opportunity to share his dairy expertise with during his 25 years' tenure at UVM. Thank you, Doug, for 25 years of being a dedicated animal caretaker, colleague, teacher, and mentor for the faculty, staff, students and public who have used and visited the University of Vermont Miller Farm Dairy facility.   Josie Davis

Sue Willette
Sue has been with Residential Life all her 25 years here. She is extremely customer service-oriented and is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone who is in need—no matter how big or small that need maybe. She was a new grandmother this year and enjoys spending time with both of her grandchildren. She really is a true friend to all.   Jerrod Hall

Juliet Young
Juliet Young is a thoughtful and committed colleague, skillful at balancing priorities and expanding her base of knowledge in an ever-changing work environment. We are grateful for her excellent work ethic, flexibility, and her well-considered advice in planning and furthering departmental goals. We commend her untiring commitment to diversity initiatives on campus, notably with the ALANA Coalition, in creating an inclusive and welcoming community for all.  Birdie MacLennan

30 Years

Maxine Burritt
Maxine is an integral part of the financial team here in the College of Medicine. Her extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the university help resolve issues and assist in the processing of requests effectively and timely. She is a support network that I rely on daily and her assistance is invaluable—and I THANK her for being a part of my team!  Jim Buell

Patricia Downer
As director of IT in CALS, Pat has provided superb support over the years, keeping pace in the rapidly changing world of computer platforms, operating systems and software. Pat also maintains the Current Research Information System (CRIS) for the United States Department of Agriculture grant programs. Should Pat drop in a hole, so would the entire reporting system for the USDA!   Skip Fanus

Cecile Dumas
Cis Dumas has made many valuable contributions to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Her hard work, dedication, willingness to take on new responsibilities, and flexibility when adapting to new processes has made her a joy to work with. I am personally grateful for her support.  Lindsay Laughnan

Donna Durick
Donna is a great co-worker. She is a very important part of the Radiation Safety Office. Her knowledge, work ethic and customer service skills are remarkable. She is a hard worker and is always trustworthy. Donna has a large role in the success of our office. She is an exemplary employee for UVM.   Keddy Bharathan

Michael Grundhauser
Michael is one of those rare individuals who bring both sophisticated technical skill and deep concern for people to his work. He is reflective, patient and calm, and has successfully guided a team of committed professionals through numerous difficult projects. Michael's thoughtful presence has made a difference for UVM, a difference that I and many others are thankful for.  Julia Russell

Ginnie Gude
For 30 years, Ginnie has been a steadfastly loyal employee with a keen desire to approach her job with integrity, while serving and protecting all of the employees and supervisors she encounters in her job. She has been integral in establishing systems for data tracking and hugely responsible for the consistency in the staff classification system as it transitioned from a point factor system to a career pay system. Always willing to explain and demonstrate the facts and circumstances to employees and supervisors, she remains committed to UVM and its common ground philosophy.  Lee Stewart

Shari Halik
As a Research Field Technician, Shari's dedication to forestry research and teaching of forest pathology was well respected and appreciated by her colleagues. Later, as the Rubenstein School's communications professional, she has used her knowledge of research, teaching and service to tell the story of the Rubenstein School and its community. Shari has an amazing ability to translate complicated science into reader friendly text. She is a life-long learner, a team player, and takes extreme pride in her work. The Rubenstein School congratulates Shari on her 30th anniversary. We thank her for her dedication and loyalty.  Rose Feenan

Angela Jacobs
Angie has provided 30 years of service to UVM in various capacities and has been with our research laboratory in the Pathology department for the past 6 years. We are a complex group, and Angie cheerfully keeps track of our funding on over 30 grants as well as an active IE account. Without her diligence keeping all of us on track, the lab certainly would not function as smoothly as it does! We all greatly appreciate the job she does so well.  Elaine Cornell

Keith Kennedy
No one has the impact upon UVM's enterprise information services that Keith Kennedy does. Over his 30-year history, Keith has worked on finance, HR, and student systems. He recently earned his MBA, demonstrating that he's knit all those strands into one fabric. He's been the chief architect for UVM's data systems, and is the first contact if you want to know how system "x" communicates with system "y" —and why the change you just made broke that communication. He's guided generations of administrative programmers in developing their technical skills and he's a ceaseless advocate for improving information services for students and faculty.   David Todd

Richard Leclair
Richard Leclair's thirty years of service to the University have been extremely helpful in keeping the fleet of University vehicles on the road. Richard, with his staff is responsible for maintaining hundreds of vehicles for various departments campus wide and has done an exceptional job meeting all of our needs. Thank you, Richard for all you do!   Rose Leland

Laurence Magnant
Dedicated, practical, thoughtful, hardworking and smart are just a few of the many words that begin to capture the real essence of Larry Magnant the police officer, the leader, and the man. Larry exemplifies what a police professional can be... respectful, honest, a deep sense of service to the community, and pride in that service to UVM. All who work with Larry are honored to serve with him and Police Services would be lost without him.   Lianne Tuomey

Josie Mercure
Josie Mercure is the glue that keeps the Financial Analysis and Budgeting Office together. Josie has been and continues to be one of the most dedicated individuals I have come across in my career. Her tireless commitment to UVM is inspiring to those around her and sets a great example for all of us.   Alberto Citarella

F. Patrick Orr
Patrick is an invaluable asset to the Theatre Department and to UVM. He is an incredible resource in the area of technical theatre to students, faculty and staff. He helps to maintain the level of professionalism in the department and holds the institutional memory in the department through his many years of service. He has proven to be key in establishing guidelines and procedures in the area of safety. UVM is lucky to have him on staff. He is appreciated and worthy of extraordinary recognition.  Gregory Ramos

Victor Rossi
A look back at thirty years of service by Victor Rossi would reveal a career marked by the twin pillars of capability and affability. With roles that range from steward of the prototype shop facility, to information technology specialist, to classroom instructor, Victor has embedded himself in the inner workings of the College of Engineering and Mathematics and he has brought his work ethic and irrepressible good nature to work every day. He is the standard by which staff support of faculty and students is measured. Congratulations on such a notable milestone, Victor!   Doug Dickey

Janet Swarz
I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Jan for achieving 30 years of meritorious service to UVM. She has been an outstanding member of the Microscopy Imaging Center, and her dedication to her job, particularly the diagnostic electron microscopy portion, should not be underestimated. She mentors, teaches, and participates in a wealth of outreach programs to local school systems. She organizes departmental festivities and is always there to lend a helping hand in any situation. She truly embodies the concept of "team player". Congratulations again on your well-deserved honor.  Dr. Douglas J. Taatjes

Linda Seavey
Linda's devotion to the University of Vermont is unparalleled among her peers. Linda has always worked well into the night and at home on issues related to improving the University. It is her dedication to supporting UVM that everyone around her understands and has come to expect from her. UVM would not be the place that it is today without her efforts over the last 30 years.  Robert Vaughan

Karol Tymecki
Karol started her thirty year career with the University at the bookstore working for Hosmer Graham. Karol later took a position with Telecommunications and Network services where she has been and continues to be a wonderful asset to the department and to the University. Karol's willingness to help others and her dedication are the example that should be the standard throughout all departments.  Jerry Thornton

Lynn Willette
What would we do without Lynn? We probably wouldn't survive the academic year. Lynn supplies all of the live cultures, media and stains for our intensively hands-on microbiology laboratories, serving 300 students a year. The pace is fast and the frustrations numerous, yet Lynn consistently provides this service with a smile. She has been a pleasure to work with.   Brenda Tessmann

35 Years

Paul Beebe
In a field such as Institutional Research where accuracy and critical thinking are so important, I appreciate Paul's careful attention to detail and thorough approach to the various issues and challenges in compiling and reporting of an array of key data about UVM faculty and staff members. Whether it is data support for internal projects or meeting the information and reporting needs of external stakeholders, Paul adds tremendous value to our work and does so with a can do attitude. He is a valued colleague and an important member of our team.  John Ryan

Kenneth Boutin
Ken's 35 years of service to UVM have helped him become extremely knowledgeable and versatile in all areas of grounds maintenance during both the winter and summer seasons. Ken's wealth of experience with the campus irrigation systems has been very instrumental in the area of turf maintenance. Many thanks, Ken, for all you do!   Rose Leland

Michael Breiner
Michael is a "pillar of access" in the libraries. He provides excellent catalog/metadata services so that students and researchers can find resources they are looking for. We appreciate Michael for his fine work ethic, great sense of humor, depth and breadth of expertise, ability to share his knowledge with colleagues, and for his overall excellent contributions to the libraries and to the quality of life at UVM.   Birdie MacLennan

John Casey, Sr.
John is the backbone of Transportation and Parking Services here at the University of Vermont. His knowledge and experience are critical to daily operations and are highly used as a resource in conducting business. John previously served with our Police Department and he is well-versed with the interface we must maintain across our campus.  Jim Barr

Annette Mailhot
Annette is a wonderful advocate for staff across campus. She works on behalf of all her colleagues to make UVM a welcoming and enjoyable place to work. For many years, she has provided her expert organizing skills to Staff Council for the annual golf outing. Annette also is an empathetic ally to her peers in the library. She's always willing to lend a hand to those in need. She is known in the Dean's Offices for her careful attention to detail and reliability, and for keeping the complicated UVM Libraries' finances in fine working order. Her skills and efforts are appreciated throughout the organization.  Mara Saule

Susan Mower
I can't say enough about Susan's heart of gold. As an exceptionally caring person who also pays great attention to detail, she has stewarded UVM's scholarly journal collection for 35 years so that faculty and students can conduct the cutting edge research that makes UVM a great university. Thank you Susan!   Laura Gewissler

Jane O'Neil
Jane is the consummate team player who does her job exceedingly well. She continually goes above and beyond her job duties to serve the university community. We have all benefited from Jane's attention to detail and her extensive knowledge of procedures and PeopleSoft! I am extremely grateful to have Jane on my team and thankful for her support and friendship.  Andre Wright

Barbara Patnode
It's 1985 and there's a brand new department here at UVM, "The Computer Depot." Barb made the challenging transition from Computer Operator to Personal Computer Technician during this time. Thanks to Barb's steadfast willingness to take on new challenges and her unrelenting work ethic, the Computer Depot became a long time success story. I am personally grateful for Barb's unwavering support. My hat is off to you! Congratulations on 35 years of service at UVM.  Jay Menninger

Mark Poulin
Mark came to UVM in 1978 as a roofer. In 1994 he became a service tech I. In 1999 Mark became a Preventive Maintenance Mechanic and enrolled in the Plumbing apprenticeship program. He graduated and got his license in 2004 and became a Plumber I. In 2005 Mark went back to a Service Tech I where he has been responding to emergency calls on the off shift ever since.   Judy Martelle

Anthony Quinn
Tony has been a most valuable member of the UVM community, and the Microscopy Imaging Center in particular, for many years. He has excelled in several different positions while at UVM, and is now considered our resident atomic force microscopist. His versatility, creativity, and ability to take on new roles and tasks is most appreciated. I congratulate him on this most august achievement.  Dr. Douglas J. Taatjes

Peter Woodworth
In the nine years I've worked here, I've never heard Pete turn down a chance to help out. His knowledge of campus has proven priceless! When Pete worked with Physical Plant's controls group the abbreviation for that group was CSP. Still to this day I say it stood for "come see Pete!" I'll sure miss him if he ever decides to retire!  Richard Weld

40 Years

Keddy Bharathan
Keddy began working at UVM in 1973 as Associate Director of Radiation Safety and since 2006 has served as Director, ensuring radiation safety in labs and compliance with applicable and appropriate regulations. During this time he has been a dedicated, knowledgeable, hard-working and affable employee as well as a mentor to others in his office.  Mary Dewey

Susan Parizo
Sue joined the Computer Depot team in 1990. Sue's quiet demeanor is a wonderful asset when working with customers—but don't be fooled by that demeanor, she is always tough as nails when negotiating with vendors, particularly Dell. My response was often: "What… how did you get them to agree to that?" Sue's high level of productivity is matched only by her steadfast work ethic. We are very fortunate to have Sue on our team. I am personally grateful for her always-positive attitude and support. Congratulations on 40 years of service at UVM.   Sue's supervisor, November '90 to June 2011

Cynthia Rubalcaba
Cindy shows great empathy to residents and staff by always thinking of how new policies and changes will affect residents of AFH. She goes above and beyond to provide great customer service such as staying late to check-in new residents and is always willing to help her fellow staff members get the job done.  Sharon Pitterson-Ogaldez

Linda Thatcher
Linda Thatcher is an outstanding employee and a joy to work with. Her positive, can-do attitude has earned her the respect and admiration of the numerous deans, chairs and faculty that she has worked with over her lengthy tenure here in the College of Medicine. I thoroughly enjoy working with Linda and appreciate her knowledge, advice and perspective immensely.   Brian Cote

Carl Waite
At some point you just become part of the fabric of the institution. Carl has been an INTEGRAL part of the Rubenstein School for many years--this in a school that prides itself for integration. He just shows up to get the things done that are critical to the School's ever changing roles and opportunities. There when you need him. Congratulations and THANKS!  Deane Wang

45 Years

Mary Van Buren-Swasey
Mary is a dedicated colleague who consistently turns out high quality work—library catalog/metadata records that connect students and researchers to resources they are looking for. Reliable and steadfast, always ready to lend a helping hand or to give thoughtful advice to move a project forward, Mary is valued and appreciated for her many excellent contributions and her inspirational work ethic!  Birdie MacLennan

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