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Flexible Working Arrangements: Overview

Flexible Working Arrangements: Overview

Image of Young FamilyThe University of Vermont seeks to be responsive to important work/life changes:

  • Couples with children often both work outside the home
  • Many employees are single parents
  • Many employees are involved in care for their aging parents and relatives
  • Many employees are developing their skills and abilities by pursuing continuing education opportunities

In a number of instances, UVM has used flexible working arrangements to attract and retain employees by providing a work environment that is responsive to the needs of staff with family pressures and/or education requirements. Research shows that higher productivity and energy can sometimes result by offering such flexibility.

The information on Flexible Working Arrangements is presented in a number of individual sections:

Note: The flexible working arrangement principles and guidelines expressed on this website have primary application to non-represented staff. Staff who are represented by a bargaining unit should see their collective bargaining agreement for information about flexible working arrangements.

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