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Position Description Form How-To

How to Create/Review a Position (for classified staff positions only)

You may download the Position Description Form (a Microsoft Word document) if you wish to use it to draft a new or updated position description.

Recruiting for a New or Vacant Position

The hiring supervisor should:

  1. Use the Determine Staff Action guide to determine the appropriate type of action to create in PeopleAdmin, Complete required position information in the action.
  2. Submit to your Dean's Office for approval. 

A hiring supervisor will need to choose the most appropriate job standard when submitting a position action.  An HRS Consultant, in collaboration with the Dean/Director, will make a final determination of the appropriate job standard and approve the classification.

Reviewing or Updating an Existing Position

To initiate the position review process, the supervisor should complete required position information on PeopleAdmin, using the Determine Staff Action guide.

The supervisor chooses the most appropriate job title when submitting a position action. HRS, in collaboration with the Dean/Director for the area, will review the position and make a final determination regarding the appropriate job title. Resulting salary adjustments are retroactive to the date the Position Description is submitted to HRS, unless the duties will be assigned at a later date. Appeals of classification decisions are forwarded to HRS by the division HR Representative.

All existing Position Descriptions are available from your unit's Human Resources Representative. Staff members can receive a copy of their own Position Description and the Position Descriptions of employees they supervise.

Resources and Helpful Information for Writing a Position Description


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