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Scientific Equipment Technician

Scientific Equipment Technician—Job Standard

Job Family: Technical
Series: Technical Equipment
Job Code: 4141
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Union Status:

This job standard may be part of one or more career progressions within the Technical Equipment Series.

Job Overview

Provide highly technical design, fabrication, and instructional services in support of University research.

Typical Functions

The duties listed are not all-inclusive. Duties assigned to individual employees may vary.

Provide highly technical design, fabrication, and instructional services in support of University research; use judgment in prioritizing work and in decisions regarding research methodology and application of complex technical solutions; make recommendations and facilitate implementation of strategies to promote services and technology enhancements.

Collaborate with researchers and provide technical consultation; determine specific scientific, research, or project needs and design, fabricate, or modify instrumentation, equipment, apparatus, tools, or glassware based on precise guidelines; may plan research methods and protocols.

Provide technical instruction, training, and guidance regarding application of methods to students, faculty, and staff using equipment and machines based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of operational and University guidelines and standards; schedule and oversee laboratory use.

Perform skilled maintenance and repairs of highly specialized instrumentation, equipment, and tools; coordinate testing, calibration, and configuration of equipment and devices within established guidelines; provide high-level troubleshooting and problem resolution; may develop preventative maintenance or related programs. 

Provide inventory oversight; order supplies, tools, and equipment; maintain related documentation; may approve expenditures.

May provide functional supervision to designated employees and/or affiliates.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and experience equivalent to: 

Associate's degree in a related or specialized field and three to five years' related or specialized experience required.

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