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Mechanic Supervisor

Mechanic Supervisor—Job Standard

Job Family: Skilled Crafts
Series: Mechanic Trades
Job Code: 5143
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Union Status:

This title is part of a two-tiered career progression within the Mechanic Trades Series consisting of Mechanic, Mechanic Supervisor, and Fleet Mechanic. The progression for Mechanic is to either Mechanic Supervisor or Fleet Mechanic.

Job Overview

Perform complex repairs and maintenance on vehicles, equipment, and machinery in support of University operations.

Typical Functions

The duties listed are not all-inclusive. Duties assigned to individual employees may vary.

Perform complex repairs and maintenance on vehicles, equipment, and machinery in support of University service operations; use judgment in prioritizing work activities and mechanical applications within established guidelines; make recommendations to improve processes and increase cost-effectiveness and service efficiency.

Perform duties specific to trade area: select tools, equipment, and materials; oversee and/or set up, prepare, and clean work area and materials; test, examine, and determine resolution of equipment/mechanical malfunctions using standard or specialized equipment; provide leadership and assist in identifying priority work orders for repairs or related services; ensure completion of  projects and assignments based on a comprehensive knowledge of University and external procedures, standards, and regulations.

Perform routine to complex maintenance on equipment, University vehicles, and/or mechanical systems; troubleshoot, repair, modify, or replace defective components, materials, or equipment; install, assemble, weld, or overhaul structural/functional components, accessories, or parts; inspect and evaluate results to ensure consistency and quality of finished product; assist in and provide training and instruction; may provide mechanical assistance at vehicle breakdown sites.

Maintain and oversee documentation and records; may provide administrative reports; use desktop applications.

Participate in and may provide area safety training.

May operate University vehicle on/off campus.

Provide administrative supervision to University staff and functional supervision to designated employees and/or affiliates.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and experience equivalent to: 

High school diploma and four to six years' specific experience required. Specialized certification or ability to obtain within six months may be required. Valid driver's license and Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or ability to obtain may be required. Lifting up to 50 lbs. occasionally. Specific physical requirements may apply based on job functions. Initial and continued employment dependent on satisfactory results of alcohol and drug testing.

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