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Recognizing Staff at UVM

Staff Appreciation Week

Every year during September, HRS plans a week-long event to show appreciation to UVM's Staff. Highlights of the week typically include:

  • Social on the Green Picnic
  • 10 and 15 Year Luncheon
  • Staff Recognition Dinner
  • Staff Art Exhibit and Reception

Milestone Gifts

Gifts are presented to employees with 20 or more years of service who have reached milestone years.

  • 20th-Marble Medallion Paperweight with the UVM Seal
  • 25th-Armchair or Rocker with the UVM Seal
  • 30th-Medallion Desk Box with UVM Seal
  • 35th-Crystal Jade Cube Clock with UVM Seal
  • 40th-Gold Framed Mirror with Images of the University
  • 45th-University Framed Print

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What Else Are Departments Doing?

Here are some examples of what is happening around campus:

  • Celebration of birthdays, milestones, anniversaries
  • Bringing in food to share at meetings
  • Casual dress days
  • Staff Retreats (educational or social focus)
  • Recognize talents and hand out awards
  • Luncheons, picnics, potlucks
  • Staff recognition posters
  • Recognizing staff for going above and beyond
  • Wine tasting at Shelburne Vineyard
  • "Free" vacation days
  • Tickets to events
  • Encouraging Staff members to attend University classes or functions
  • Holiday parties
  • Skills Inventory to asses performance, skills, and give feedback
  • Allowing flex-time and tele-commuting
  • Personal thank you letters
  • Bulletin board reminders of upcoming birthdays, milestones, or anniversaries
  • An occasional longer lunch so folks can go to the gym or for a walk
  • Time off for professional development
  • Encourage individuals to take advantage of training through Professional Development and Training
  • Yankee gift swap
  • Bowling
  • Flowers, donuts, coffee, mini-cupcakes, gift cards, welcome cards
  • Celebrating the completion of busy periods or quarters

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