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UVM's Wellness and Employee Assistance Program

InvestEAP Logo Invest EAP is a locally-based, public/non-profit Vermont EAP. Since 1986 they have provided services to many of your friends and colleagues, currently serving over 140,000 Vermonters.

Mountain HighInvest EAP is available to all employees as well as anyone living in your household. They provide free and confidential short-term counseling, resources and referrals for a wide range of life challenges, from personal and family matters to workplace issues to legal and financial challenges.

Invest EAP offers free, short-term counseling, information and resources for mental health, substance abuse, workplace and work life issues. Long-term mental health and substance abuse (MH/SA) treatment is provided through a network managed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT). There is no charge for outpatient office visits when using a network provider. Prior approval is required for Intensive Outpatient visits and Inpatient services. Out-of-network treatment for MH/SA requires a $500 out-of-network deductible then a 30% coinsurance. For more information refer to the Summary Plan Description and Outline of Coverage or call BCBCSVT at (888) 222–7886.

UVM encourages all employees to access our EAP benefit with Invest EAP. EAP counselors can help you resolve short-term issues that can be resolved in a handful of sessions without using your outpatient mental health benefits. Invest EAP is free to all benefited UVM employees. Further, even if you know you would benefit from a longer-term mental health referral, an EAP counselor can work with you in the first session or two to determine your needs and provide you with a referral to an excellent, appropriately qualified counselor.

You can reach Invest EAP anytime (24/7) at their local number (802) 864-EAPØ (3270) or toll free at 1-866-660-9533. Also, there are many interesting articles, videos and other resources on a range of topics on their website.

Signing In to the Invest EAP Website: UVM members (including household members) will be prompted to create your own username (your e-mail address) and password. Your "Organization Password" is "uvm". You can elect to receive Invest EAP's quarterly e-newsletter by checking a box at the bottom of the page. As always, personal settings are confidential. Invest EAP is in compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

INVEST EAP offers onsite counseling at UVM

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Here's a partial list of where EAP can help:

  • Relationships
  • Workplace issues
  • Parenting
  • Stress
  • Substances
  • Legal problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss/grief
  • Childcare resources
  • Eldercare resources
  • Domestic violence
  • Financial stresses

What happens when I call?

Our phones are answered by licensed counselors 24/7. They will ask you how they can help and then refer you to appropriate local counselors and/or other resources as appropriate. Please give them a call now—they'd be delighted to serve you.


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